Outdoors and Recreation
We’re highlighting the best kid-friendly activities that Lakeland, FL has to offer — complete with art classes, animal encounters, and outdoor fun.
There’s a reason they call it Lakeland. With 38 lakes, this guide takes a deep dive into the must-visit spots and how best to enjoy our city’s most iconic features.
Whether you’re a weekend warrior or the next Tiger Woods, these 13 golf courses in Lakeland are sure to make for a good round.
Check out these 13 hiking trails catered to all skill levels in and around Lakeland, Florida for outdoor adventures.
Meet two organizations working to keep Lakeland and Polk County’s streets and waterways clean.
We’re highlighting the top parks that Lakeland has to offer — complete with splash pads, playgrounds, WiFi, walking trails and even a few dog-friendly spots.
See Lakeland from a new perspective — on two wheels.
Prepare for winter weather in Lakeland, FL with these seasonal temperature and precipitation outlooks.
From yoga to weight lifting to HIIT workouts, there are an abundance of ways to stay fit in Lakeland.
We’ve rounded up 13 great hikes all within an hour of Lakeland and well worth exploring.
Weak or strong? Learn what type of mayor Lakeland has and why it matters.
For the days when driving isn’t possible (or you’re hoping to save the mileage on that sweet ride), check out our guide to walkability and public transportation.
We connected with BringFido — the ultimate pet-friendly resource and compiled a few recommendations of patios and restaurants where you and your pup can enjoy an outing together.

Arts and Culture
Lakeland history is the gift that keeps on giving. Read on for key moments in Swan City history.
Our town has become a regular star on the silver screen — how many of these movies have you seen that were filmed on location in Lakeland?
Whether you’re a history buff, art aficionado, or aviation fan, these nine museums around Lakeland have it all.
We’re giving you the 411 on the 863’s landmarks — from the Southgate Sign to “Sputnik.” Learn about their history, fun facts, and just why Lakelanders and visitors alike find them so iconic.
It’s written in the stars... and the skyline.
Learn the history behind the iconic swan statues found around Lakeland.
Whether you’re looking for your next leisure read, a book for the whole family, or a thrilling fictional novel, we’ve got a list of books written by local authors in Lakeland.
Our guide may even make you want to grab your passport and head for our sister cities in Japan or Jamaica.
Check out our guide to the many meaningful murals you can find around our city.
What makes Lakeland the Swan City, and who built all of that Frank Lloyd Wright architecture? If you want to sound like a local or just brush up on your knowledge of Lakeland’s iconic and quirky history, this is for you.
Check out some of our favorite camera-ready locales for every Instagrammer in Lakeland. Plus, see which local landmarks made the list.
From media to government resources, check out this list of who you should be following if you live in Lakeland and want to keep up on the city’s goings on.
We’ve compiled a list of 9 local creatives whose work add vibrancy and light to the city.
Actors from Broadway and Hollywood have called Lakeland home, along with singers, MLB pitchers, football stars and even a fashion magazine cover girl.
From churches to mosques to synagogues to temples, Lakeland is home to a wide array of religious organizations.
From comedy shows and Broadway tours to local organizations supporting Lakeland’s arts community, we’ve rounded up 19 places to get your arts and culture fix around Swan City.
This list of volunteer opportunities in Lakeland includes everything from packing food for children in need to fostering pets.

Dine and Shop
Find handmade goods, tasty food and drink, or a unique piece of art at these community markets.
Dig into delicious and nutritious vegan and vegetarian fare in every corner of Swan City.
Ready for your lunch break? Check out these 26 lunches from neighborhood/food option to neighborhood/food option.
If you don’t have coffee already in hand, consider this your sign to grab some.
Here are our superlatives for the six cups of joe we tried at a few of our favorite coffee shops and cafes.
Check out these brunch restaurants, cafes, and diners in Lakeland, serving a variety of egg dishes, mimosas, bloody marys, and more.
Pack your reusable shopping bags, because we’ve rounded up seven farmers markets around Lakeland, FL.
No matter why you’re avoiding it, you can find new eats without gluten here.
It’s your party and you’ll enjoy these deals if you want to.
Who wants a box of chocolates anymore? Level up your Valentine’s sweets at one of these local businesses in Lakeland, Florida.
It’s easy to go beyond dinner and movie in Lakeland. Check out these date ideas and impress that special someone with your creativity.
We’re breaking down all you need to know about parking — from parallel spots, garages, lots, valet, and accessible options.
We narrowed down the list to 17 restaurants that encompass history, serve those classic dishes (like ‘za + okra), and have that strong, local pull.

Attractions and Events
We’ve made a concerted effort to orchestrate this roadmap, so you can focus on finding the artists you adore.
We’re on a mission to map out Lakeland’s top destinations for foodies, art lovers, and pet parents. Learn how you can help.
Check out summer and beach-themed events happening in and around Lakeland in this seasonal guide.
We’ve matched some of Taylor Swift’s lyrics to our favorite local sites and stories.
Swan City is home to two professional and minor league sports teams that bring major excitement. Whether you consider yourself a hooper, batter, or striker, there’s a team for you to root for.
A guide to must see attractions, restaurants, and shows for out of town guests in Lakeland, FL.
Be a tourist in your own town. Get out and try these 12 fantastic tours in and around Swan City to learn something new.

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