Ride the Lake-to-Lake Bikeway across Lakeland

See Lakeland from a new perspective — on two wheels.

Signage marking the Lake-to-Lake Bikeway and bike lane

See these bicycling swan signs? You’re on the right path.

Photo by LALtoday

Sometimes the stationary bike just doesn’t cut it. When you want to get out on the open road, grab your bicycle and hit the Lake-to-Lake Bikeway and Greenway Connector. This 26-mile trail offers a path from north to south Lakeland, wrapping around nine lakes in total.

Start your journey at Lake Parker, passing under palm trees on a wide path on the west side of the lake. Two pathway options lead you towards downtown Lakeland: Go west to ride by Lake Wire, or head east to ride around Lake Bonny and the lights of Lake Mirror.


Lake Mirror is one of the many lakes residents + visitors can take a ride around.

Photo by BeFly Bike Tours

Downtown West paths take you to Lake Beulah and Lake Hunterjust keep an eye out for alligators. Pedaling east, you can ride around Lake Morton and wave to the (friendlier) swans.

Head south through Florida Southern College’s campus to pedal around Lake Hollingsworth and take in the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. The last stop on the path is Lake John, which borders the Cleveland Heights Golf Course.

Signage pointing to the Lake-to-Lake Bikeway path and Lake Wire

Follow the signs to see if you can hit all nine lakes in one trip.

Photo by LALtoday

We’d be very impressed if you completed the whole trail in one go. For the rest of us, there are plenty of bike parking locations along the route. Check this map to chart your course, including lakeside stops or snack breaks.

To get involved with local bicycling or meet other cyclists, check out Bicycling in Lakeland, a volunteer group focused on safe biking and group rides. The group is meeting on Monday, Feb. 13 at Swan Brewing to discuss its future plans and hear community input.

Are you a regular on the Lake-to-Lake Bikeway? Share your best tips and we may include them in a future newsletter. For even more miles under your belt, check out these eight Polk County bike trails.

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