In this guide to schools in Lakeland, we’ll explain all the options, including charter schools, school choice, demographics, enrollment information, and more.
Finding the right school for your family can be a challenge — but we are here to help. Check out our list of the top elementary, middle, and high schools in Polk County based on Florida Department of Education ratings.
We’ve compiled a list of 9 local creatives whose work add vibrancy and light to the city.
With five local colleges calling Lakeland home, it’s no surprise this city is a smart place to live.
With many companies transitioning to hybrid or remote work models in recent years, Lakeland’s options for remote workers have continued to expand.

Need that big backyard for the kiddos to roam? Or does a vibrant street scene draw you in? Our fun quiz will help you pick the Lakeland neighborhood that’s right for you.
While you really can’t go wrong in Swan City, this quiz will guide you to the perfect Lakeland neighborhood just for you.
From historic homes to a flourishing small business scene, there’s something for residents and visitors alike to explore in Dixieland.
It’s written in the stars... and the skyline.
Qualifying developers will now be able to build in industrial and commercial zones with a faster approval process.
We’ve broken down the cost of living in Lakeland, Florida, comparing it to other states and the US national average.
From a swan-filled lake to mid-century modern architecture, see why South Lake Morton was named the #7 best neighborhood. If you haven’t explored, it might be time to rediscover why so many people love to call it home.
Dive into the census data on four historic districts in Lakeland.
Here is our breakdown of the most expensive and desirable neighborhoods in Lakeland, and the people who live there.

From yoga to weight lifting to HIIT workouts, there’s an abundance of ways to stay fit in Lakeland.
This city boasts top-ranked medical providers and specialty services. Our comprehensive guide will help you find the care you need — whether you’re new to town or just looking around.

Need to Know
Never run out of juice again with these nine charging stations around Lakeland.
It’s more than jury duty — find out everything the Clerk’s office does to keep public records and funds safe.
Get our best tips to navigating the Amtrak station, finding routes, and buying tickets.
What makes Lakeland the Swan City, and who built all of that Frank Lloyd Wright architecture? If you want to sound like a local or just brush up on your knowledge of Lakeland’s iconic and quirky history, this is for you.
A guide to must see attractions, restaurants, and shows for out of town guests in Lakeland, FL.
From media to government resources, check out this list of who you should be following if you live in Lakeland and want to keep up on the city’s goings on.
Here’s how Lakeland is nationally ranked in 13 important categories, including safety, home value, and places to start a business.
We’re recapping some major developments that broke ground or finished up in 2022.
Explore the leading economic drivers in Lakeland, from exciting, new technology to top leaders in growing and distributing delicious eats.
Weak or strong? Learn what type of mayor Lakeland has and why it matters.
Dive into the airport’s contributions to the economy by the numbers — and could passenger service be on the horizon?
There’s nothing wrong with being a know-it-all. Use this guide to be an informed resident of Lakeland.
We’re breaking down all you need to know about parking — from parallel spots, garages, lots, valet, and accessible options.
We narrowed down the list to 17 restaurants that encompass history, serve those classic dishes (like ‘za + okra), and have that strong, local pull.

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