Charge up at these electric vehicle charging stations

Never run out of juice again with these nine charging stations around Lakeland.

Electric vehicle charging station in Lakeland, FL

Look for chargers like this one in parking lots around town.

Photo by LALtoday

Earlier this year, we asked you if you would consider buying or have already purchased an electric vehicle (EV). The results are in: Nearly 60% of respondents said yes. As these cars rise in popularity, bookmark this guide to finding a charging station around Lakeland.

The US Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center has an online map of EV charging stations. Select your location, charger type, or connector to see a list of public stations to fuel up. Pro tip: Use your zip code as your location for the most accurate results.

A map showing electric vehicle charging station locations around Lakeland, FL.

The map shows 51,000+ charging stations across the country, including nine in LAL.

Map created by US Department of Energy

We tried out the map and found nine chargers in Lakeland. Here are a few to bookmark:

Ready to hit the road? You can also use the site to plan out a route that passes by the charging stations you need. We mapped our route for a day trip to Mount Dora and found 101 stations along the way. If you’re heading to Tampa, there are a whopping 121 chances to charge up.

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