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Find handmade goods, tasty food and drink, or a unique piece of art at these community markets.
Roskin’s medical-grade mineral matte sunscreen has all the ingredients you want — and none of the ones you don’t.
Founded in 1948, Silver Moon Drive-In has provided first-run films to Polk County residents for 75+ years — here’s a look at its storyboard.
Learn how the team behind Sow Exotic grew it from a budding operation to a thriving plant nursery near Lakeland, and see how you can stock your own garden with its edible plants.
High Tower Roofing is here to help you + your home weather any storm.
Our Father’s Day Gift Guide will help you find the perfect gift this year.
As Lakeland continues to grow, we’re keeping an eye on upcoming developments and recently opened businesses.
We asked our readers for their favorite veteran-owned businesses around Swan City — here’s what they came up with.
Learn more about how this organization is making an impact on the lives of Lakelanders through its community service + improvement efforts.
As the seafood chain announces plans to close restaurants nationwide, take a look back at how Red Lobster first started in Lakeland, FL.
New Life Veterinary Hospital is here for those days when you can’t afford to wait.
We visited Lakeside Village’s newest tenants — and are sharing what we loved most.
We picked out our favorite on-sale furniture and decor (but the sale ends tonight).
Get the scoop on what’s happening in Lakeland’s real estate scene — from average home prices to overall market conditions.
You told us which Swan City small businesses you love and we’ve put them all in one place — from restaurants to retail to home services and beyond.
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New Life Veterinary Hospital is here for those days when you can’t afford to wait.
Learn the back story of Strollo’s, a restaurant that first introduced Italian cuisine to Lakeland in the 1940s.
Restaurateur Jeremy Brumley says he’s in early stages of planning a new concept at the former site of Unfiltered Lakeland.
Here’s what Lakelanders need to know about the upcoming developments for the Downtown West area.
We’re paws-itive you’ll find a new park, pet supply store, or groomer to take care of your four-legged friends.
Owner Jessi Zilka shared how you can support this local shop during the international Record Store Day event.
This United Way partner agency has been shaping Lakeland’s youth through engaging programming + community service for more than a century.
See how students are learning about entrepreneurship with this experiential learning lab.
Dominik Rahmani is following in his parents’ footsteps to bring delicious food truck bites to Lakeland. Learn more about what inspired him to open Funnel Feasts.
From apparel to food, Swan City has multiple family-owned businesses that have been around for half a century — or more.
These five entrepreneurs pitched their businesses for the chance to secure up to $10,000 in micro-grant funding.
See the organizations, programs, and causes Publix supports to create big change in Lakeland and beyond.
Good news for Lakeland.
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