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We asked our readers for their favorite veteran-owned businesses around Swan City — here’s what they came up with.
Students will get hands-on experience while earning bachelor’s degrees at the new School of Architecture.
Here’s what Lakelanders can expect going forward at this downtown landmark.
Canopy roads, bungalows, brick streets, and royal swans — you’ll find all this and more throughout Lakeland’s seven historic districts.
We’re taking a look at some of the most prominent elected officials across Lakeland + Polk County — from how often they’re elected to the function of their offices.
Learn how the luxury apartments and retail space at Prospect Lake Wire will factor into the city’s Downtown West Action Plan.
Meet the Bob Adams Family Community YMCA.
Get the scoop on what’s happening in Lakeland’s real estate scene — from average home prices to overall market conditions.
Hurricane season officially begins on Saturday, June 1 and will run through Saturday, Nov. 30. We’ve rounded up everything you can do to be hurricane-ready in Lakeland.
Explore Southeastern University’s new degree options in some of the nation’s most desired tech careers.
Here’s what Lakelanders need to know about the upcoming developments for the Downtown West area.
We’re breaking down the key updates on one of Lakeland’s most notable roadway projects.
Explore the leading economic drivers in Lakeland — from exciting, new technology to top leaders in growing and distributing delicious eats.
The announcement Lakelanders have been waiting for has finally come.
Hop on a golf cart for a ride that’s “Fast, Frequent, and Fun.”
Are you eligible to run for office in Lakeland? Learn how you can get started, as well as what positions are available this year, here.
Come December 2025, Lakeland will enter a new mayoral era.
Learn about the historic places and faces that influenced the streets you drive every day here in Lakeland, FL.
Wanna play a game? Test your knowledge of how well you know Lakeland locations by the address alone.
We’re breaking down all you need to know about parking — from parallel spots, garages, lots, and accessible options.
If you live in Lakeland, find out who your city commissioners are and how you can engage with local civics.
From what classifies a building as historic to where you can find them around Swan City, we’ve got the answer to your most pressing real estate questions.
Shop local to support people in need worldwide at St. John’s Thrift Store, a nonprofit secondhand shop in Winter Haven.
Catch up on the progress of Lakeland’s transportation projects, from airport updates to possible future railways and road improvements.
If reading is your activity of choice, try one of these Swan City spots the next time you crack open your favorite novel.
We’ve all wondered about the names behind some of our local parks and places of interest. Pull back the curtain on the history behind their monikers.
Get ready to “Gather, Eat, Chill” at Bowen Yard in downtown Winter Haven.
Get answers to these frequently asked questions about affordable housing options and qualifications in Lakeland.
Good news for Lakeland.
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