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Dive into the history behind the Lakeland Country Club and learn how you can become a future member.
Do you remember the time Publix made a huge birthday cake for an entire Lakeland neighborhood? Read on for the story.
You probably recognize some of these silhouettes from Lakeland tea towels and keychains, but do you know the history of how they came to be?
We’ve brought you Lakeland’s top stories all year long, but which articles were you most interested in? See what took the top spot in categories like development, food + drink, real estate, and more.
We’ve all wondered about the names behind some of our local parks and places of interest. Pull back the curtain on the history behind their monikers.
We dug through Florida’s archived photos and postcards to see how much Lakeland has changed since it was first founded in 1885 — you might be surprised.
Did a noteworthy Lakelander once walk your halls? Learn more about the original owners of some of Lakeland’s historic homes, and send us your own home’s history if you know it.
From historic homes to a flourishing small business scene, there’s something for residents and visitors alike to explore in Dixieland.
Did you know that Lakeland once hosted the largest music festival in the state? Learn the history of 1977’s Florida Sunfest, plus a reader’s own story of how it all went down.
Did you know that not only is I-4 known for accidents and bumper-to-bumper hold-ups, but it’s also home to a myriad of graves? Keep reading to learn about America’s most haunted highway.
Created in 1875, Cassadaga, FL finds its roots in spiritualism. Learn more about this haunting community just 90 minutes from Lakeland.
You may have seen their work and not even realized — keep reading to learn about this group of 26 men and one woman who left a lasting impact on contemporary art history.
Mitchell’s Coffee Shop has been serving up coffee and gourmet food since 1998. See what inspired the coffee shop’s owner to open the first shop of its kind in Lakeland 25 years ago.
Learn from local and statewide experts in historic home preservation at this free event at Florida Southern College.
This classic Florida menu item was created just down the road in Ybor City — since then, it’s become a favorite for Lakelanders on lunch.
Whether you’re a history buff, art aficionado, or aviation fan, these nine museums around Lakeland have it all.
We’re giving you the 411 on the 863’s landmarks — from the Southgate Sign to “Sputnik.” Learn about their history, fun facts, and just why Lakelanders and visitors alike find them so iconic.
Get the recipe for Chalet Suzanne’s Soup Romaine, which was requested by astronauts for the Apollo 15 mission.
How one woman transformed a community, put Lake Wales on the map, and sent her soup to the moon.
Take a bite out of the local citrus industry’s history with a self-guided tour of labels found around Polk County.
Tell us you’re from Lakeland without telling us you’re from Lakeland.
This mystical Mann Road mammoth has an interesting history — learn more about its lore and how you can see it for yourself below.
Most of us probably don’t have our state flags memorized, but it’s worth studying up: Our flag’s design reflects centuries of history.
Warning: This story has a bit of a sad ending.
We’re looking into some of Lakeland’s historic hotels.
This Lakeland pilot nearly made aviation history with a transatlantic flight.
Learn about the historic places and faces that influenced the streets you drive every day here in Lakeland, FL.
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