Hit the road and head to Mount Dora — we’re sharing all the details about what to do and eat, plus where to stay.
From possible new interstate lanes to local road repavings, check out this quick breakdown of recent traffic news in Lakeland, FL.
If we had the power to instantly finish a local infrastructure or development project, which project would we choose?
Don’t miss any of this year’s meteor showers, supermoons, or solar eclipses.
If Groundhog Day were real, which day would you go back to again and again?
Eat and Drink
Our guide to the 2023 Florida State Fair wouldn’t be complete without your suggestions.
Show what you know at these weekly trivia events.
No matter why you’re avoiding it, you can find new eats without gluten here.
Shaken or stirred? Either one works, as long as it’s zero-proof. Check out this list of alcohol-free cocktails — mocktails — in Swan City.
How fast can you complete this picture of Lake Morton in Lakeland, FL?
You don’t have to travel to Africa to see exotic wildlife on safari. Just visit Safari Wilderness Ranch in Lakeland, FL.
Get away to explore America’s oldest city and fall in love with its Spanish roots.
To help make your entire process at MCO as smooth as possible, we’ve created a guide that covers everything from gates and parking to details on the airport’s 140+ nonstop flights.
Here’s how we would plan a weekend getaway to TBAY.
Celebrate National Camping Day with a stay at one of these camping sites off the beaten path.
New to Lakeland
Get an inside glimpse at downtown Lakeland’s newest coworking space.
What makes Lakeland the Swan City, and who built all of that Frank Lloyd Wright architecture? If you want to sound like a local or just brush up on your knowledge of Lakeland’s iconic and quirky history, this is for you.
A holiday guide to must-see attractions, restaurants, and activities for out-of-town guests in Lakeland, Florida.
Finding the right school for your family can be a challenge — but we are here to help. Check out our list of the top elementary, middle, and high schools in Polk County based on Florida Department of Education ratings.
Home and Garden
Find floral arrangements, Florida natives, and houseplants at these local shops.
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