Here’s what you need to have in your hurricane kit


Hurricane - Aerial View

Hurricane season is here. And, while we can expect unpredictable amounts of rain, wind, and even tropical storms… it’s time to ask yourself: Are you prepared if an emergency were to happen?

The Atlantic hurricane season lasts until November, which means we’re only in the beginning stages. While only two or three hurricanes will likely become a Category 3 strength or higher (considered major hurricanes), it’s important to be prepared and to have a plan in place. That means having enough food, water, cash + supplies to last at least three days, maybe longer if you are in a hard-to-reach area and cannot evacuate to a safer location.

So, what should go in your kit? Each kit depends on you + your family’s personal needs, but here are the essentials:

○ Water - at least a gallon per person, per day

○ Non-perishable food + a manual can opener

○ Basic toiletries

○ First aid kit

○ Cash

○ Portable chargers + phone chargers

○ Prescription + OTC medications

○ Generator

○ Matches in a waterproof container

○ Paper plates, plastic cups + utensils, paper towels

○ Battery-powered or hand-cranked radio

○ Sleeping bag or warm blanket for each person

○ Flashlights or a lantern

○ Extra batteries

○ Whistle to signal for help

○ Pet + service animal supplies

○ Baby supplies

○ Local maps

○ Extra pair of eyeglasses or contacts

○ Change of clothes + raincoat

Other items that are not necessarily essential, but great to keep in your kit:

○ Gatorade or Pedialyte

○ Fire extinguisher

○ Important documents in a waterproof pouch

○ Duct tape

○ Toys, books, and games