Take this quiz to find out which Lakeland neighborhood fits best

Need that big backyard for the kiddos to roam? Or does a vibrant street scene draw you in? Our fun quiz will help you pick the Lakeland neighborhood that’s right for you.

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Lake Mirror | Photo by @catapultlkld

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When moving to a new city, it’s important to find the neighborhood that best suits you and your family’s needs. For some, it’s all about location, location, location. For others, it’s about finding a property that is surrounded by nature and tranquility.

As you may know, Lakeland has a variety of beautiful, charming neighborhoods to fit everyone’s taste. Swan City continues to grow quickly, so it helps to know what kind of area best fits your needs. That’s why we created the New to Lakeland neighborhood quiz to help you pick the spot that’s perfect for you.

How it works

This quiz will ask you 13 simple questions about your ideal neighborhood preferences. You’ll be able to choose one answer from a selection of options, and the result will sum up your general preferences, tastes, hopes, and dreams.

The fun part? You don’t need to be ready to buy a home to take the quiz. We’re just here to connect you with cool parts of town.

Ready to find your match? Take the quiz.

Want to skip the quiz and go straight to the results? You can peruse Lakeland’s key neighborhoods — and even pick up a local recommendation or two — in this comprehensive guide.

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