Lakeland’s charm: historic districts in the swan city

map of lakeland's historic districts

Lakeland’s 7 historic districts | Map via arcgis

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One of our favorite bits of Lakeland is the city’s historic charm. Let’s take a virtual tour through Lakeland’s 7 historic districts.

Munn Park

Munn Park has been around longer than Lakeland itself. The area was set aside as a town square by Abraham Munn + served as the rail yard’s backdrop shortly following the city’s incorporation back in 1885.

East Lake Morton + South Lake Morton

These neighboring districts from the early 1900s showcase Lakeland’s historic bungalow + Mediterranean style homes. Lakelanders flocked to this area for the picturesque views of Lake Morton, of course, but did you know that before Queen Elizabeth’s Swans graced Lake Morton’s shores, it was citrus groves that drew the crowds?

Biltmore Cumberland

East of Downtown Lakeland, the Biltmore Cumberland district contains 201 historical buildings. The area is known for its bungalow style homes + close proximity to Lake Hollingsworth + Lake Bonny.

Historic home in Biltmore-cumberland district

House in the Biltmore-Cumberland historic district | Photo via Florida Memory

Photo via Florida Memory


The original 160 acres of Dixieland, located between Lake Hollingsworth + Lake Morton, was originally dubbed “Lakeland’s fashionable suburb,” but as the town grew, the suburb became the heart of swan city. It was deemed historic in 1994.

Beacon Hill

The homes in the Beacon Hill neighborhood (and, formerly Alta Vista, which merged with Beacon Hill) were part of the real estate boom of the 1920s + achieved historic status in the 1990s. During the boom, a single lot of land was $600-$4,500. Can we get in on that deal, please?

Lake Hunter Terrace

West of Lake Hunter, the Lake Hunter Terrace district is the first modern development to achieve historic status in Lakeland. The development rose up in the 1940s, a decade after the others.

Whether you live in Lakeland’s newest developments or the heart of a historic district, we hope you find yourself out + about in LAL this week enjoying the swan city’s rich history.


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