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Pro tips for riding an Amtrak train from Lakeland

Get our best tips to navigating the Amtrak station, finding routes, and buying tickets.

An exterior view of the Lakeland Amtrak train station

Lakeland’s Amtrak station can be found north of Lake Mirror.

Photo by LALtoday

While we await the possible addition of a SunRail commuter train station in Lakeland, did you know that you could already take a midnight train going anywhere? The Lakeland Amtrak station has been operating at 600 E. Main St. since 1998.

In the 2023 fiscal year, 20,300+ riders took a train through Lakeland, and the station’s ticket revenue topped $1,114,516. Our station is known by two station codes (LAK and LKL) for northbound and southbound routes, respectively.

Ready to ride? Here are our pro tips for choosing routes, buying tickets, and navigating the station:

An Amtrak train passing through Lakeland

LAK/LKL are on the Silver Star line, which extends from New York City to Miami.

Photo by LALtoday

Not sure where the travel bug is taking you? Check the travel planning map. Just set your departure location to LAK/LKL (depending on whether you’re going north or south) and see the available stops, routes, and fares. You can head south to Miami, north to New York City, or just skip interstate traffic and travel to Orlando.

You can buy tickets online or in person. Choose a coach seat to save, or upgrade to a private room for a more comfortable ride.

A sign directing Amtrak passengers to the ticket counter and baggage check-in

Once you arrive at the station, head upstairs to check in and await your train.

Photo by LALtoday

This is one place it’s good to have baggagepassengers can bring two checked bags, two carry-ons, and two personal items for free. Even small four-legged friends can come along with you for a $39 fee.

LAK/LKL doesn’t offer overnight parking, so we recommend being dropped off or hailing a rideshare. The waiting room is open daily from 10:10 a.m. to 6:15 p.m., and staff members are available to answer questions and sell tickets. If you’re checking baggage, Amtrak recommends arriving 45 minutes before your departure time. If not, 30 minutes should be plenty of time.

Have you taken an Amtrak train ride from Lakeland? Tell us your pro tips and we may share them in an upcoming newsletter.

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