Meet the artists who make Lakeland beautiful

We’ve compiled a list of 9 local creatives whose work add vibrancy and light to the city.

Fruit-inspired mural on the patio at Catapult by local artist Maegan Carroll

Fruit-inspired mural on the patio at Catapult by local artist Maegan Carroll | Photo via Instagram

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If you measure the vibrancy of a city by its artistic talent, Lakeland is practically lit up in neon. From talented musicians to imaginative artists, we’ve compiled a creative index to help you to discover the extraordinary resources available in this highly unique community.

Visual Artists

An artist wearing a baseball cap, plaid jacket, and skinny jeans crouches over a bucket of what appears to be paint.

Local artist, Bump Galletta, at work.

Photo by @bumpgalletta

Bump Galletta

Service: Local illustrator and designer, Josh “Bump” Galletta has work sprinkled throughout Swan City’s neighborhood signs, billboards, and local merch. His work is full of wonder and imagination.

Contact: You can reach out to Bump through his website or via email at

A framed color painting of a ranch style home surrounded by trees and a lawn.

Commission of a local’s home sweet home

Gaby’s Art Gallery

Service: Young artist, Gaby Escalera, is the owner of her art business, Gaby’s Art Gallery. Using her love for painting and sketching, she brings everyday memories to life by offering custom portrait art.

Contact: The best way to get in touch with Gaby for commission work is through her website.

Maegan Carroll-Simmons

Service: With a modern approach, Maegan’s artistry focuses on professional graphic design and visual branding. She also uses her love for art to create mural installations for the city.

Contact: You can contact her via phone 863.660.3692 or via email at



Bouquet via Bloom Shakalaka | Photo via @bloomshakalaka

Bloom Shakalaka

Service: Offering funky, fresh blooms, Bloom Shakalaka is a team of local florists using bright hues and uniquely shaped flowers to create whimsical experiences. They have a shop located at The Joinery off of Main Street.

Contact: You can reach out via phone at 863.417.3007 or email at

Flowers by Edith

Service: Known as Lakeland’s oldest flower shop, Flowers by Edith offers personalized floral arrangements and gift baskets that meet a variety of budgets with romantic, seasonal foliage.

Contact: Place your order on the website or call 863.686.1134.

A woman holds a tall, wrapped bouquet of brightly colored snapdragons, covering her face.

A colorful bouquet is the perfect gift — even for yourself.

Flower Cart

Service: After serving Lakeland for 40 years, this family-owned floral company features on-hand ready-to-go bouquets that feature classic, traditional styles with a luscious look.

Contact: Get your order coordinated via phone at 863.687.1783 or through their website.

Uli & Co

Service: This locally owned shop features a mom-and-daughter duo who provide vibrant florals, custom made charcuterie, balloon arches, and more for your special occasions.

Contact: Submit an inquiry form using their Linktree.


 LALtoday Cecilia Lueza Ondine mural

The mural is based on Ondine, a mythical figure who becomes human when she falls in love.

Cecilia Lueza

Service: Local artist Cecilia Lueza brings cultural appeal through her work. Some of her focal work includes painting, wall sculpture, mural art, and public art.

Contact: The best way to connect with her for commission work is through her website.

Gillian Fazio

Service: Bringing new-age florals and fauna to Lakeland, Gillian proudly offers distinct mural painting and artistry locally. She’s partnered with countless businesses to create floral-inspired murals that illuminate the city’s corners.

Contact: Get more information through her website.

A smiling artist wearing a beanie and oversized button-up raises her palms  in front of a mural of fruit including an avocado, cherries, orange slice, lemon, carrot, and strawberry.

Bringing sunshine and color wherever she goes.

Jenna O’Brien

Service: With a Wes Anderson-inspired aesthetic, local illustrator, Jenna O’Brien is a true artist and owner of Color Theory Tea. She’s painted colorful, iconic murals for key community-centric spots, such as the Alta Schoolhouse and Gospel Inc.

Contact: Slide into Jenna’s DM’s to get connected.

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