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31 murals around Lakeland

Check out our guide to the many meaningful murals you can find around our city.

A colorful mural with "We love Lakeland" and cartoon pictures of fast food

Find this mural at Checkers (2919 S. Florida Ave.).

Photo by LALtoday

We all know that Swan City has a vibrant art scene — and we’re not just talking about the Polk Museum of Art. One of our all-time favorite galleries? Lakeland itself.

Lakeland is home to a number of meaningful murals and street art pieces. Today, we’re sharing where to find pieces that really paint a picture of our city.

A panoramic shot of a colorful mural featuring orange astronauts in a whimsical scene on the outside of a building.

Look for these AstroKnights when driving north on South Florida Avenue.

Photo by Tom Hagerty

AstroKnights, 844 S. Florida Ave. | By C. Stanley
You don’t have to dive underwater to find this treasure. Look for this Dixieland art piece on the side of South Florida Gun and Pawn.

Large oranges, blue flowers, and butterflies fill a white wall

Orange Mural by Gillian Fazio

Photo by Gillian Fazio

The Yard on Mass Oranges, 802 N. Massachusetts Ave. | By Gillian Fazio
This juicy mural has us reaching for a glass of OJ. Apparently, many of our readers feel the same way — this piece won our mural bracket challenge in 2022.

A blue woman drifts sleepily to the right, almost as if she's falling, surrounded by colorful ribbons.

The Legend of Ondine, by Cecilia Lueza

Photo by @cecilialuezaap

The Legend of Ondine, 927 S. Florida Ave. | By Cecilia Lueza
This mural is inspired by Ondine, a mythological water nymph who falls in love with a human, becoming human herself.

A ship crosses a blue sea, beneath it a banner reads "L'Hermione 1780-2015"

L’Hermione, by Tim Haas

Photo by Maria Mahoney

L’Hermione, 3825 S. Florida Ave. | By Tim Haas
Maria Mahoney of The Mahoney Group commissioned this mural as a gift to the City of Lakeland. According to Maria, it honors the friendship between the French and American colonies in 1780. Marquis de Lafayette sailed the Hermione — equipped with money, arms, and soldiers — to aid colonists.

A 70-ft mural with a colorful, technological design

Can you spot the artist’s name hidden in the mural’s design?

Photo by LALtoday

Exploring Innovation, 235 N. Kentucky Ave. | By James Hicks
According to the artist, this 70-ft mural outside Mitchell’s Coffee House is inspired by humanity’s relationship with technology. Grab a coffee and spend a few minutes taking it all in — James’ name is even hidden in its complex design.

A colorful mural depicting 1950s-style cars, fashion, and activities.

It looks like they were having fun back in the Dixieland of “then.”

Photo by LALtoday

Dixieland THEN, 948 S. Florida Ave. | By Ahmad H. Taylor
Take a trip into Lakeland’s past with this mural. Featuring vintage cars and an ice cream parlor, we feel like we’ve stepped back into the 1950s just looking at it.

A floral bicycle-themed mural that says "Let's ride"

Let’s Ride by Gillian Fazio

Photo by Gillian Fazio

Let’s Ride, 1058 Florida Ave. S. | By Gillian Fazio
Get ready for a ride on your new bike from Bent’s Schwinn Cycling & Fitness with this art piece found beside the biz. It features muralist Gillian Fazio’s signature floral art style.

Children gaze up into a hole in a building revealing a pirate ship traveling through a galaxy featuring a whale, planets, stars, and more.

Flights of Fancy by Tim Haas

Photo by @lkldced

Flights of Fancy, 901 Florida Ave. S. | By Tim Haas
Wanting to take a vacay but short on dough? Don’t fret. This mural at Southside Cleaners will transport you to another realm. “Flights of Fancy” by artist Tim Haas features a steampunk ocean and moonscape scene complete with whales, a spinning nebula, and an airship.

A woman sits atop a black wall painted with butterflies, flowers, and the word "Create"

Create, by Gillian Fazio

Photo by Gillian Fazio

Create, 502 E. Main St. | By Gillian Fazio
This mural inspires the entrepreneurs of Catapult — and Lakeland’s passersby — to create something new each day.

A green mural with various fruits and the word "Cultivate" overlooks patio tables

We’re cultivating our lunch plans just looking at this mural.

Photo by @catapultlkld

Cultivate, 502 E. Main St. | By Maegan Carroll
You can find this mural on the other side of Catapult, out on the patio. It’s sure to work up your appetite while you enjoy a pop-up meal from a Catapult kitchen member and cultivate your professional network.

A mural featuring an alien and a robotic spaceman playing a guitar

360 Unlimited: The final frontier.

Photo by LALtoday

360 Unlimited, 911 S. Florida Ave. | By Tim Haas
Just next to “Flights of Fancy” is this spaced-out mural, also by Tim Haas. Completed in 2021, it draws from 360 Unlimited’s Saturn logo and its mix of old and new goods found inside.

A woman's face peers out of abstract orange and pink artwork, she has two sets of eyes.

You’ve got to see this mural to believe it.

Photo by @lkldcra

Watchful Woman, 235 N. Florida Ave.| By Gabriela Jaxon
Always feel like somebody’s watching you? It could be this mural, the first commissioned by the city in the historic downtown area. Find it outside Thom Down’s Antiques.

A large mural featuring a green, white, and brown painting of crape myrtle blossoms.

These large flowers by Kate Hall bloom outside Low Country Vintage.

Photo by LALtoday

Crape Blossoms, 913 S. Florida Ave. | By Kate Hall
Find this mural located outside of Low Country Vintage — the original location of Lundy’s Bakery. Crape myrtle trees can be grown in Central Florida, and they get their name from their crepe paper-like flowers, pictured in the mural.

A vintage postcard-style "Greetings from Lakeland" mural features scenes of Lakeland in each letter of its name.

Greetings from Lakeland, by Gillian Fazio

Photo by Gillian Fazio

Greetings from Lakeland, 505 Martin L. King Jr. Ave. | By Gillian Fazio
Stop by Stronghold Roofing & Solar on Lake Wire to say “hello” to this wall featuring a few Lakeland landmarks. We spy the Polk Theatre, Southgate sign, Lake Mirror, and more.

A colorful abstract mural

Find this mural by JUJMO outside of ART/ifact Studios.

ART/ifact Studios Mural, 820 N. Massachusetts Ave. | By JUJMO
You can’t miss this colorful painting outside the creative space at ART/ifact Studios. It features Tampa artist JUJMO’s signature bright, organic style.

A floral mural adorns the side of a white jewelry store building

Find this mural by Gillian Fazio on the side of Gaines Jewelers

Photo by Gillian Fazio

Tobacco Leaf, 112 S. Tennessee Ave. | By Gillian Fazio
Gaines Jewelers doesn’t just offer wearable art. You can also find this painting outside on your next downtown stroll. It’s inspired by the Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf china pattern created in the 18th century — stop inside to buy your own.

A large mural with two swans, their reflections, plants, and the name "Lakeland"

Check out this mural on your next visit to Concord Coffee.

Photo by LALtoday

Lakeland swan mural, 1035 S. Florida Ave. | By Charly Malpass
This mural is, fittingly, found outside Art Centric Studio, on the side of the Dixieland Village Plaza. The City of Lakeland hired California artist Charly Malpass to complete the painting, and she said it was the largest piece she had done at the time.

A mural with angel wings and colorful rays of light

You can earn your wings thanks to this mural.

Photo by LALtoday

Angel Selfie Wall, 1113 S. Florida Ave. | By Aaron M. Corbitt
Fly on over to Born & Bread Bakehouse to find this mural out back. Originally painted in 2016, the artist touched it up in 2019. Pose between the wings for a new profile picture, or hold up your cruffin to show off its heavenly layers.

A woman's hair is made of flowers and butterflies — it flows behind her.

Find this floral mane painted by Gillian Fazio at Pace Center for Girls Polk.

Photo by Gillian Fazio

Pace Center for Girls, Polk, 213 Tyler Ave. | By Gillian Fazio
This inspirational garden grows outside Pace Polk, a nonprofit that offers academic and emotional support for Lakeland girls ages 11-17. That’s one mane we hope never gets a haircut.

A half-wall outside Rec Room in downtown Lakeland, FL with a blue, green, purple, and pink abstract mural with video game characters

How many video game symbols can you spot in this mural?

Photo by LALtoday

Rec Room, 202 N. Massachusetts Ave. | By Arielle “AKAT” Katarina
Before you head inside Rec Room for cocktails and arcade games, take a look outside at the half-wall mural by AKAT. It features classic video game icons like Kirby, a Pacman ghost, and more — how many can you find?

A bright, colorful mural with a crab, octopus, and tiki head

You can’t be crabby when you see this colorful mural at Gaslight Tattoo Company

Photo by LALtoday

Gaslight Tattoo Company, 509 S. Florida Ave. | By Gilligan Gee
Not only is Gilligan Gee the artist behind the murals surrounding Gaslight Tattoo Company — he’s also a tattoo artist. Look for his colorful work outside the parlor and check out his tattoo art online.

A pastel mural with oranges, an alligator, flamingos, and retro Lakeland icons like Sputnik

This pastel painting screams springtime to us.

Photo by LALtoday

Welcome to Lakeland, 110 W. Highland St. | By Jenna O’Brien
This pastel dream welcomes you to Lakeland with a few retro local icons like Sputnik. Find it on the back side of The Shop Across the Street next time you’re looking for a vintage item.

A mural with black and gray roses that says "You are beautiful" in script font

It’s nice to know Fresh Kitchen thinks we’re beautiful, too.

Photo via Fresh Kitchen

You Are Beautiful, 4520 S. Florida Ave. | By Fresh Kitchen
Get a pep talk when you grab a bowl from the newly opened Fresh Kitchen. This artsy compliment can be found over the drive-thru pickup window.

Magnolia mural by Maegan Carroll-Simmons in Traders Alley | Photo by LALtoday

Look for these in Traders Alley on your next trip downtown.

Photo by LALtoday

Magnolias, 230 N. Kentucky Ave. | By Maegan Carroll
These blooms are tucked away in Traders Alley, on the side of Stationery Loft. Did you know that southern magnolias are native to Florida?

A mosaic mural depicting agrarian scenes

We’re glad this mural has been recently uncovered.

Photo by LALtoday

Mosaic murals, 917 E. Memorial Blvd. | By John Garth
These large-scale mosaics were commissioned by Publix founder George Jenkins for his store in the former Searstown shopping center. After being painted over and covered several years ago, the first mural was restored in early 2023.

Couple posing on a painted backdrop mural

Color us crazy about these painted walls.

Photo by

Mass Market Color Wall, 820 N. Massachusetts Ave. | By Haus 820
This mural shows that sometimes simplicity is key. With color blocks ranging from blue to pink, this makes the perfect backdrop for any photo.

A colorful mural showing Dixieland icons like retro signage, a cardinal, and a woman with a bicycle.

This mural in one word: Iconic.

Photo by LALtoday

Dixieland mural, 950 S. Florida Ave. | By Beth Warmath
Fun twists on local icons take center stage in this bright mural. We recognize the Southside Cleaners sign, Cob & Pen, and the Waller Center. Find it on the south wall of Quick Print Express.

An exterior shot of The Well building with a colorful mural featuring Black community leaders. The white building has black accents, and a purple car is parked outside.

These influential Lakelanders are immortalized in this mural.

Screenshot via Google Maps

The Well, 114 E. Parker St. | By Kent McAllister
This mural by a PCPS art teacher pays homage to local Black leaders Dr. Larry Jackson, Nat Adderley, Morris Chestang and Annie B. Phyall. Find it outside The Well, a coworking and event space.

A large mural on a wall painted with monarch butterflies and pink flowers

You can find monarch butterflies around Florida year-round.

Photo by LALtoday

Monarch butterflies, 130 S. Massachusetts Ave. | By Gillian Fazio
The Lakeland Community & Economic Development Department called on Fazio to paint this mural in the Downtown Redevelopment District. Flutter on by the Lake Mirror Tower Apartments to find these butterflies + flowers on the wall facing the lake.

A colorful mural is shown featuring flowers, honeybees, and the words "Dream, Play, Explore."

This colorful mural will greet families who visit Kid Cafe.

Dream, Play, Explore; 2947 S. Florida Ave. | By Kate Hall
Inside these colorful walls is Kid Cafe, an indoor playspace for children ages 0-8. This work will inspire kids to dream big as they head in for all their play dates.

Want to make a day out of finding all the murals our city has to offer? Have a peek at this mural map and share photos of your artsy adventure with us on social media by using #LALtoday.

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