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Lakeland’s Instagram-worthy murals

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This list has been updated as of 6/21/2021.

Take a [visual] world tour 🌎

On record, the quickest trip around the world (on a commercial flight) was completed in 52 hours + 34 minutes. Here in Lakeland, we can make that journey right in our own backyard.

It’s no secret that Lakeland is an actual mecca for artists. 🎨 Corner-to-corner, you can find eye-widening sculptures, statues + murals alike (paired with a low cost-of-living 👌). But did you also know that many of our city’s walls are rich with history and community ties all around the world?

Today, we’re talking murals.

So grab your suitcase + passport (kidding, really you just need some good sunscreen + walking shoes), and prepare for an around-the-world journey all in one day.

Lakeland Postcard 📍 at 950 E. Main St.

Want to show off your hometown pride? Send some love from Lakeland in front of this postcard inspired mural.

Angel Selfie Wall |📍alley west of FL Ave. | Behind Born & Bread Bakehouse + Patriot Coffee | Aaron M Corbitt


Snap a pic at Dixieland’s Angel Selfie Wall + find yourself in good company with Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel angels in Vatican City. Created to give you your most angelic-version yet, (Snapchat filters need not apply) this wall may be a contender for the most Instagrammed locations in the city.

Egyptian Mural with Pyramids And The Sphinx |📍Hookah Palace | 122 S. Kentucky Ave. | Demolli Art Studio


Don’t be in denial when you could be on The Nile. 🐫 Get lost in the rich colors and history of the egyptian scene that takes place inside of Lakeland’s first ever hookah bar.

L’Hermione |📍wall behind the Mahoney Group near Polk Pkwy. | 3825 Florida Ave. S. #5 | Tim Haas


Oui’(we) absolutely love this mural of the French frigate, L’Hermione. The Mahoney Group added it to their building to represent ties to the French-American Business Council of West Florida. 🗽

Molly McHugh’s Ireland |📍Molly McHugh’s | 111 S. Kentucky Ave. | Harmony Miller


Down on your luck? 🍀 Stop into one of Lakeland’s favorite pubs for a pint. 🍻 The mural map of Ireland will make you wish you were Irish too.

Mural of Lake Mirror |📍Palace Pizza | Demolli Art Studio


At the end of the day, our girl Dorothy had it right: there’s really no place like home. 👠👠 Lakeland is featured in all her majestic glory outside the walls of Palace Pizza.

But that’s not all folks. Below are several more murals found in our area.

Greetings from Lakeland 📍 at 505 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.

Made in Lakeland 📍 at 1035 S Florida Ave.


Welcome to Lakeland 📍 at 110 W. Highland St.

Mass Market Wall 📍 at 822 N. Massachusetts Ave.


Vintage Factory 📍 at 1020 W. Pipkin Rd.

Pink Piano 📍 at Molly McHugh’s, 111 S. Kentucky Ave.


Pink piano mural by Harmony Miller | Photo by @thelaltoday

Downtown Diner 📍 at 126 W. Main St.


Taco Bell 📍 at 5090 Dave Robbins Way


Gaines Jewelers 📍 at 112 S. Tennessee Ave.

Flights of Fantasy 📍by Southside Cleaners, 901 Florida Ave. S.


“Flights of Fancy” by Lakeland renowned artist Tim Haas | Photo by @lkldced

Born and Bread 📍 at 1113 S. Florida Ave.


Bubbles | Gandy Pool | 📍 404 Imperial Blvd. | Tim Haas


Now that you’re officially a seasoned globetrotter, we want to know where your favorite Lakeland murals reside. (van)Gogh tag #LALtoday in your Instagram shots. We know you’ll want to document these public works of art.

In any case, we’ll always have Paris Lakeland.


If you thought we were done, we’re not even close. Check out our list of murals as of 2021.

Mural of a woman | 📍 Bent’s Cyclery | Claudio Picasso (CPWON)

photo of a mural

Photo via @LALtoday

One of Lakeland’s newest murals to hit the scene (we’re talking fresh paint this week), this piece can be found on S. Florida Ave. If you’re looking for a moody backdrop to your next Instagram post, this is the place to go.

Downtown Swan | 📍 Downtown Lakeland | Kate Hall


Photo via @LALtoday

The most quintessentially Lakeland mural. If you’re looking to showcase Swan City in your next photo, start with this swan mural located in the heart of downtown Lakeland.

Orange Blossoms | 📍 Yard on Mass | Gillian Fazio


Photo via @LALtoday

Artist Gillian Fazio took the brush to the back of The Yard on Mass. This fresh-squeezed piece celebrates Central Florida’s flora, Gillian’s specialty.

Watchful woman | 📍 Thom Downs Antiques | Gabriela Jaxon


Photo via @LALtoday

Dubbed by some as “the most interesting mural in town,” this unique piece may make you look twice. You can catch this artwork (as well as some fun spray paint art seen to the right) and another abstract mural (pictured below) in the alley by Thom Downs Antiques.

Abstract Mural | 📍 Thom Downs Antiques Alley | Gabriela Jaxon


Photo via @LALtoday

Located directly across from her traffic-stopping double-vision mural, this abstract piece by Gabriela Jaxon is tucked away in the parking lot adjacent to the alley on STREET NAME street.

Crape Blossoms | 📍 Low Country Vintage | Kate Hall


Photo via @LALtoday

This colorful addition to S. Florida Ave is located at the original location of Lundy’s Bakery, and it’s just as delicious as any baked good. Stop by to see these colorful blooms across the entire length of the building in person.

Catapult Cultivate Mural | 📍 Catapult Lakeland | Maegan Carroll


Photo via @LALtoday

Featured at Catapult Lakeland’s new location on Lake Mirror, this mural by Maegan Carroll commemorates the spirit of cultivation that Catapult’s entrepreneurial members carry.

Retro Lakeland Mural | 📍 The Shop Across The Street | Jenna O’Brien


Photo via @LALtoday

Located on the backside of The Shop Across the Street, this quirky + colorful mural pays a retro homage to some of Lakeland’s most classic traits, like the neon Sputnik that lights up US 98, Florida citrus, and of course, a gator.

Abstract Mural | Haus 820 + ART/ifact | Jujmo


Styled shoot in front of Jujmo’s mural | Photo via @kenzieraephoto

Jumjo’s colorful abstract mural is a fan favorite at Haus 820 for styled shoots, wedding photos, and selfies. Stop by to snap your vibrant photo here before hitting the color wall on the other side of the building.


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