Satisfy your sweet tooth with these local desserts

When cravings hit, level up your dessert game at one of these local sweet shops and makers in Lakeland, Florida.

A hand holding a slice of cheesecake in front of Almora Sweets dessert shop. The cheesecake is filled with chocolate chips and topped with chocolate drizzle, placed inside a plastic box. The storefront in the background has an "Almora" sign and small seating area.

Treat yourself, you earned it.

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Forrest Gump told us life was like a box of chocolates, but you never know what you’re gonna get from the Lakeland dessert scene either. Check out this list of local sweets where you can try something new every day of the week.

Almora Sweets, 5040 Lunn Rd.
Searching for authentic New York cheesecake? This is the spot. We also love the mini European-style cheesecakes for a quick bite.

A close-up of the 24Karrot Cake from Born & Bread Bakehouse

Add a slice of cake to your next Born & Bread order of cruffins.

Photo via @bornandbreadfl

Born and Bread Bakehouse, 1113 S. Florida Ave.
Stop by Wednesday-Saturday to load up on your favorite pastries, like chocolate cruffins and croissants.

Cake Makers Studio, 115 S. Kentucky Ave.
With a full candy case, ice cream, and professionally decorated cakes, this local spot has something for everyone.

Charlie’s Mini Donuts & Coffee, 1023 E. County Rd. 540A
The bite-sized donuts make it easy to try many different flavors — with such an extensive menu, you’ll want to try them all.

Chocolate Covered, locations vary
Find these sweets at the farmers market, local businesses, or by making a special order. Who doesn’t want chocolate covered bacon?

Colorful financier pops sit on a baking sheet with a sign reading "Create"

These cake pops are unlike any you’ve tried before.

Photo by Werlost Boys provided by DOU Bakehouse

DOU Bakehouse, 830 N. Massachusetts Ave.
This bakery specializes in treats for nearby theme parks, but you can often find their elaborate cake pops and chocolates at other local businesses.

Hole In One Donuts, 2076 E. Edgewood Dr.
The donut case is always packed with fresh-baked goods at this quaint shop. Our favorite is the glazed croissant — trust us.

Meraki Bakehouse, locations vary
This bakehouse serves up colorful pastries like croissants, cookies, and muffins at local coffee shops and at the farmers market.

A heart-shaped box full of Valentine's Day-themed macaron cookies

We’d take a box of these macarons over chocolate any day.

Milk and Honey Macarons, locations vary
Visit this booth at the farmers market or order a gift set online to try themed macaron cookies.

Twisted Sugar, 3958 S. Florida Ave.
Try the cookie flavors of the month, your favorite regular flavors, or 50+ varieties of specialty sodas.

Are we missing out on your favorite sweet seller? Tell us where else we can satisfy our sweet tooth. And if you scream for ice cream, check out our list of ice cream parlors.

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