We tried a vanilla latte at 5 Lakeland coffee shops

Here are our superlatives for the six cups of joe we tried at a few of our favorite coffee shops and cafes.

An iced latte, blueberry muffin, and laptop sit on a table at the Unfiltered coffee shop in Lakeland, FL

Unfiltered offers several fresh-baked goods to pair with your latte.

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It’s no secret that we love coffee, especially when it comes from a local coffee shop. That’s why we decided to visit five Lakeland cafes for one of our favorite drinks — an iced vanilla latte — to deal out some superlatives for these sips.

Best paired with a baked good

Unfiltered Lakeland, 801 E. Main St. | Grab a seat in this eclectic space and enjoy your latte with one of Unfiltered’s warm blueberry muffins — you’ll thank us later.

A hand holding up an iced coffee in front of a coffee shop window

We love stopping by Mitchell’s before a day of downtown shopping.

Photo by LALtoday

The perfect balance

Mitchell’s Coffee House, 235 N. Kentucky Ave. | This latte had just the right balance of bold espresso, sweet vanilla, and creamy milk. It would pair perfectly with whatever bites you find at the farmers market.

A hand holding an iced coffee in front of the La Imperial Bakery sign next to Main Street in Lakeland

Cool off with this sugary sip made with Bustelo, a Latin-inspired espresso.

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For the sweet tooth

La Imperial Bakery, 830 E. Main St. | This concoction is great for those seeking a sweet treat. It’s made with chilled Bustelo espresso and French vanilla for a syrupy sweet beverage.

An iced coffee sitting on a table next to a laptop with the LALtoday website showing

The caffeinated drinks from Black & Brew have fueled many of our newsletters.

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Emphasis on espresso

Black & Brew Coffee House & Bistro, locations vary | If you want a latte with a strong coffee taste, this is your best bet. The vanilla takes a backseat to let the espresso shine.

A hand holding an iced coffee with a coffee table and patterned red rug in the background

Add a bit of cinnamon to spice up your regular vanilla latte at Pressed.

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Good to the last chapter

Pressed, 213 E. Bay St. | Linger over your book with an iced vanilla latte at this bookstore/coffee shop. Pro tip: We added a dash of cinnamon so each sip had new layers of flavor all the way to our final page.

Of course, we didn’t visit all of Lakeland’s coffee shops — can you imagine how caffeinated we’d be if we did? Tell us which drinks and cafes we should rate in our next roundup and we just might use your idea.

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