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Collection Media Presents: “The People Who Live There” all about Lakeland, FL

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Premiering this fall: The People Who Live There” — a locally produced documentary with the city of Lakeland at the center.

The film, produced by Lakelanders Paige + Chase Wagner of Paige Wagner Homes and directed by The Collection Media, follows the zoom city growth of Lakeland + honors its past with historic homes as the vehicle of its storytelling.

Featuring rich colors, interesting local characters, and architectural styles from past decades, “The People Who Live There” explores + seeks to answer the question: What role does a home play in the life and legacy of a city?

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Still from “The People Who Live Here” | Photo via Collection Media

The film is slated to release this fall and will premiere at the 1,300 seat Polk Theatre. Cinephiles can expect to see more information regarding ticket availability and pricing this August.

In addition to a Lakeland-esque Polk Theatre premiere, audiences will also be able to stream the documentary online following its release.

Stay informed with important updates about the film’s release, trailers, and ticket sales on the film’s website and social media.