Could Lakeland become a “Zoom Town?”

Is Lakeland, FL a “Zoom Town?” | Photo via @catapultlkld

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COVID-ictionary: “Zoom Towns” (noun) – referring to housing markets that are experiencing a “boom,” as remote work is on the rise. 🏡 And another phrase to add to your pandemic glossary. 

NPR’s Planet Money recently dubbed the term, as many workers are telecommuting more due to COVID-19 – giving ample opportunities to live where they please, regardless of where their office may be located. 

More often than not, this means that people are fleeing larger metropolitan areas + seeking a spacious, tranquil, and even, vacation-like environment to practice their craft. 

When it comes to Lakeland’s surrounding larger metros, Tampa + Orlando, it’s estimated that 2.2-3.5% of renter households could become buyers in more affordable metropolitan areas, with the ability to purchase a standard starter home (valued at $131,740), if remote working was allowed. 

While LAL didn’t exactly make the list of being classified as a “Zoom Town,” we wanted to see for ourselves if there were comparisons between Lakeland and other US cities coined as such – and to ask you if you thought our little Swan City may eventually become one. 

Here’s what we found. ⬇️ (FYI, in a second we’re going to ask if you think Lakeland could be eventually added to this list as a Zoom Town, so take note.📝


  • For the size: Like Lakeland’s proximity to Tampa + Orlando, Lewisburg, TN is located between two larger cities – Nashville and Huntsville – giving both cities a small + large city-feel.
  • For the activities: Less than 100 miles away from larger NYC cities, Kingston, NY boasts a blooming arts community, access to local parks, and an assortment of recreational activities, all comparatively with Lakeland’s creative makers, parks + other activities.
  • For its population density: Locals in Butte, Montana often talk about the low population – and while FL is growing, Zillow still classifies Lakeland as a quiet + peaceful area

While only time will really tell what our City’s growth will look like in the future, one thing is for certain: There’s no place like home. 👠👠