SUN ‘n FUN is back in Lakeland, FL

This annual festival celebrates all things aviation.


Vintage views of SUN ‘n FUN, circa 1990 | Photo via Florida Memory

Strap in and prepare for your annual dose of G-force fun. SUN ‘n FUN is back, taking place from Tuesday, March 28-Sunday, April 2 at the Expo Campus (4075 James C. Ray Dr.). Entering its 49th year, the event has grown into one of the largest aviation events ever.

Within the Sunshine State, it reigns as the largest annual convention of any kind, drawing in over 200,000 visitors. The aviation exhibition showcases hundreds of aircraft, a trade show, 500+ exhibitors, a career fair, and airshows.

If you’re planning to attend this year’s expo, here’s what you need to know:

DM7227 (1)

B-25 Mitchell medium-range bomber, circa 1991 | Photo via Florida Memory


1983 “Cricket”, World’s smallest airplane, circa 1990 | Photo via Florida Memory

  • This year, a C-5 Galaxy — the largest aircraft in the Air Force inventory — will be on display.
  • Waco Kitchen (located inside Lakeland Linder International Airport) has a special SUN ‘n FUN menu, featuring customer favorites and new seasonal dishes. Reservations are highly encouraged.
  • Calling all Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick fans — an F-14 will be on display along with an F-18 and Tom Cruise impersonator.

Is there something we missed that’s bringing you to the expo this year? Share it with us and be sure to tag us in your photos next week.