SUN ‘n FUN 2022 is back in Lakeland, FL


Vintage views of SUN ‘n FUN, circa 1990 | Photo via Florida Memory

Strap in and prepare for your annual dose of G-force fun. SUN ‘n FUN is back, taking place from Tues., April 5-Sun., April 10 at the Expo Campus, (4075 James C. Ray Dr.). Entering its 48th year, the event has grown into one of, if not the, largest aviation events… Ever.

Within the Sunshine State, it reigns as the largest annual convention of any kind, drawing in over 200,000 visitors. If you’ve never heard of SUN ‘n FUN before, the aviation must-do showcases hundreds of aircraft, a trade show, 500+ exhibitors, a career fair, and airshows.

DM7227 (1)

B-25 Mitchell medium-range bomber, circa 1991 | Photo via Florida Memory

If you’re planning to attend this year’s expo, here’s what you need to know:

  • SUN ‘n FUN offers both daily + weekly tickets starting at $45 for the day + $170 for the duration of the event.
  • You can find a schedule for each day’s times, locations and speakers, and details on the airshows + aircraft, here.
  • This year, the notable B-1B Bomber will be on the premises starting on Thurs., April 8. This aircraft, colloquially referred to as “The Bone,” is a supersonic conventional bomber, which has operated under the USAF since 1985.
  • “FlywithKay,” a pilot with over 30,000 Instagram followers + 1.5 million on Tik Tok, will be in attendance, speaking about how she’s utilized social media to talk about aviation. Leading up to the event, you can follow Kay on Instagram or TikTok.
  • Whether you’re local or not, you can camp out at the expo. Registration opened this week on Drane Field Road + operates daily until around 7 p.m. Read full details on camping, here.
  • Want to arrive in style? Pilots may fly-in to the expo. Depending on space, you can register ASAP in-person, on-site for approval, fly-in, and receive deals all week long. Details on flying in can be found here.

1983 “Cricket”, World’s smallest airplane, circa 1990 | Photo via Florida Memory

Is there something we missed that’s bringing you to the expo this year? Share it with us + be sure to tag us in your photos next week.

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