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Here’s what Lakelanders can expect going forward at this downtown landmark.
Learn how the luxury apartments and retail space at Prospect Lake Wire will factor into the city’s Downtown West Action Plan.
Meet the Bob Adams Family Community YMCA.
Get the scoop on what’s happening in Lakeland’s real estate scene — from average home prices to overall market conditions.
Restaurateur Jeremy Brumley says he’s in early stages of planning a new concept at the former site of Unfiltered Lakeland.
Here’s what Lakelanders need to know about the upcoming developments for the Downtown West area.
We’re breaking down the key updates on one of Lakeland’s most notable roadway projects.
As Lakeland continues to grow, we’re keeping an eye on upcoming developments and recently opened businesses.
Catch up on the progress of Lakeland’s transportation projects, from airport updates to possible future railways and road improvements.
Construction on a modern new campus completed in March 2024 for the Lakeland school founded in 1956.
Here’s what to expect — from the demolition and rebuild to where to shop in the meantime.
Get answers to these frequently asked questions about affordable housing options and qualifications in Lakeland.
Create the city you want to live in by applying to serve in these volunteer roles.
Check out the floor plans, renderings, and price range of this complex within walking distance of downtown Lakeland’s hot spots.
As this food hall gets closer to opening, see the latest renderings of the 14,000-sqft indoor and outdoor space coming to The Depot 303 in downtown Mulberry.
Dining in Lakeland is always a fresh experience with new restaurants popping up all the time — and more on the way.
You told us which empty buildings could be converted into affordable housing.
We’ve brought you Lakeland’s top stories all year long, but which articles were you most interested in? See what took the top spot in categories like development, food + drink, real estate, and more.
The airport will ink a deal with Avelo Airlines to offer passenger service from Lakeland Linder as early as summer of 2024.
The apartment is slated to open in January 2024, offering health and wellness amenities for residents in west Lakeland.
The Detroit Tigers will continue spring training for the next 20+ years, and the City of Lakeland will help fund a new team facility. We break it down by the numbers.
Tell us which empty building could be used differently.
Peek inside the future clubhouse for FSC’s championship-winning golf teams before its fall 2024 opening.
Are your days of sitting in I-4 traffic almost behind you?
From multi-family housing to new businesses, learn what’s popping up in the Garden District, a sub-district that’s full of historic charm.
With a new renewable energy field under negotiation, plans for the Central Florida Innovation District could be coming to life in Lakeland. Check out these new and proposed technology developments.
This STEM-focused college continues to grow. See what’s next for Florida Polytechnic University’s campus and student body.
There are both benefits and strict guidelines for homes in Lakeland’s seven historic districts.
We’re breaking out our crystal ball and looking ahead towards the future of these developments underway around Lakeland.
The Mike and Mary Sligh High School Building is dedicated to two educators who helped shape the LCS community for 50+ years.
Good news for Lakeland.
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