Qualifying developers will now be able to build in industrial and commercial zones with a faster approval process.
Meet the Bob Adams Family Community YMCA.
From popular chains to local businesses making moves, check out some of Swan City’s upcoming eateries.
Create the city you want to live in by applying to serve in these volunteer roles.
Learn who’s in charge of city decisions, how to grow your business, and how to get involved.
Are your days of sitting in I-4 traffic almost behind you?
Atlanta-based real estate company Carter has acquired 22 acres of land on Lake Wire in West Downtown Lakeland for a new mixed-use development near the RP Funding Center.
From possible new interstate lanes to local road repavings, check out this quick breakdown of recent traffic news in Lakeland, FL.
If we had the power to instantly finish a local infrastructure or development project, which project would we choose?
Become a development terminology expert faster than you can say “Special use permit for a mixed-use zone.”
Would you rather see a fully-enclosed dog park, pod swings, or giant chess in our town square? The city is still taking input — keep reading for renderings.
Get an inside glimpse at downtown Lakeland’s newest coworking space.
With so many updates on the horizon, how can you be active in your community?
Plans have been released for a multi-use residential and retail space on the former Oak Street lot.
There are both benefits and strict guidelines for homes in Lakeland’s seven historic districts.
Get ready for the new museum to open by reading up on its features, resources, and membership details.
Check out these local small businesses opening storefronts at the new coffee shop and artisan marketplace.
Real estate experts explain what Lakeland home buyers should know and predict whether we’ll see prices continue to rise in 2022.
Phase Two of the SunTrax vehicle testing site is currently underway, with plans to open in 2023.
Construction has begun on a modern new campus for the school founded in Lakeland in 1956.
One of the largest terminal projects to debut in the US in recent years opens on Mon., Sept. 19. Here’s what Orlando International Airport’s exciting new expansion means for Floridians.
Celebrate Library Card Sign-up Month at Lakeland, FL’s local libraries.
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