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How to focus on your mental health in Lakeland

This year’s Mental Health Awareness theme is “Look Around, Look Within.”


A walk through Bonnet Springs Park always clears our heads.

Photo by LALtoday

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Did you know that the Mental Health Awareness Month effort began in 1949? This year’s theme, set by Mental Health America (MHA), is “Look Around, Look Within.” Here’s how you can take a few of MHA’s recommended steps to focus on your mental health in Lakeland:

Focus on your home

Keeping your space clean and calm can have a positive impact on your mind. Look for decor that makes you happy at a local vintage store, and add soothing pieces like a weighted blanket or sound machine.

Bond with your community

Meet new people by branching out with a new hobby. Learn something in a local class or give back through volunteering — it’s a great way to boost your endorphins and decrease stress.

Connect with nature

Where better to get back to your roots than in Lakeland? Even when life isn’t a walk in the park, visiting of our 70+ parks or sitting by a lake always lifts our spirits.

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