Street art brings awareness to water conservation

Look out — or should we say, down — for these new art pieces downtown.

An in-ground water meter painted with a water conservation message

Find this painting on your next walk down Kentucky Avenue.

Photo by @gabysartgallery

The local artist known as Gaby’s Art Gallery is working with Lakeland Water Utilities to bring awareness to water conservation with two new paintings — but not on a canvas. These art pieces can be found on water meters on Kentucky Avenue, giving “street art” a new meaning.

Keep an eye out for the first piece featuring wildlife on the sidewalk in front of Taco Bus (126 S. Kentucky Ave.). Gaby is working on her second piece, which will be just up the street in front of Palace Pizza (114 S. Kentucky Ave.).

You can keep up with the project’s progress by following @gabysartgallery on Instagram. Interested in learning more about conserving water? Check out Lakeland Water Utilities’ conservation tips and request a free water conservation kit, including a low-flow shower head, educational materials, and more.

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