Our best Halloween stories

Get into the Halloween spirit with these frightful tales from around Central Florida.

Exterior view of The Joinery decorated with fake skeletons climbing the walls

No bones about it — these stories will get you in the spirit of Halloween.

Photo by LALtoday

This weekend is sure to be a frightful one in Lakeland. Get a headstone head start on the festivities with this collection of our best Halloween-themed stories from over the years. Read them by flickering candlelight with a cup of hot coffee to keep your blood from running cold.

Haunted landmarks in Polk County
Have you seen the ghost of Frank Lloyd Wright appear at Florida Southern College? How about a spirit in the Old Polk County Courthouse? Learn more about locations around our county inhabited by apparitions.

Meet the three ghosts that haunt the Polk Theatre
This theatre built in 1928 has its fair share of hauntings, from an organ that plays itself to voices whispering in the ears of employees. Our team took a tour to experience the ghosts firsthand.

Polk County’s creepiest antique dolls
We won’t lie to you, this story is not for those with a fear of dolls. But if you’re into that kind of thing, we’ve got a map for easy access to these antique toys.

Sign at Spook Hill in Lake Wales

Visit Spook Hill to try rolling uphill for yourself.

Photo by @redjupiter

Experience Spook Hill in Lake Wales
Visit this site to see the impossible — cars roll uphill rather than downhill. Is it just an optical illusion, or could it be a paranormal force?

The haunting of I-4 — America’s most haunted highway
Nearly 2,000 accidents — and a whole lot of paranormal activity — have happened in one stretch of I-4 built on top of yellow fever victim grave sites, aptly named the “I-4 Dead Zone.”

Bartow’s oldest man
Is it possible to live to 137? Visit the Bartow grave of Charlie Smith, thought to be the oldest man in America, to find out.

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