The haunting of I-4 — America’s most haunted highway


The aerial view of the haunted stretch | Photo via Google Maps

Happy Hallo-weekend, LAL. If you’ve ever traveled across the Sunshine State, or even crossed over to Tampa, odds are, you’ve trekked through traffic on I-4aka, one of the most dangerous interstates. But, did you know that not only is the notorious road known for accidents and bumper-to-bumper hold-ups, but it’s also home to a myriad of graves?

Known as the I-4 Dead Zone, this stretch of interstate is known as America’s most haunted highway. Of the 132 miles that make up I-4, the dead zone lies within a quarter-mile, a little over an hour away from the greater Lakeland area just south of the St. Johns River and north of Orlando.

What’s so scary about this spot? Drivers report an abundance of car accidents, electronic incidents, and, you guessed it, paranormal activity. And, because of the disturbed gravesites underneath the eastbound lanes, housing the remains of yellow fever victims, it’s no surprise this stretch is rumored to be responsible for almost 2,000 accidents since 1963.

In terms of specific instances, here are a few unnerving coincidences, if you will, occurring in that spot:

  • Two hurricanes, as well as a number of tornadoes, have hit that exact quarter-mile stretch.
  • Drivers report a loss of cell signal + radio frequency when driving through this patch.
  • In terms of paranormal activity, travelers have heard disembodied voices, children’s laughter, snarling, and growling, through the radio static, when other signals are lost.
  • Drivers have also reported not only hearing unexplained phenomena but seeing it too. Sightings of ‘ghost vehicles,’ people, and orbs, are just some of what has been reported.
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