Polk County, FL’s creepiest antique dolls – Where to find them

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Graphic via @thelaltoday

Halloween is just 15 days away and if you didn’t know, the LALtoday team loves a good fright every now and then. From spooky shows to whisperings of ghosts at that house down the street, we are big fans of things that go bump in the nightespecially creepy dolls. So, in an effort to scope out those dolls of Halloween’s past + also support our local antique shops, we set out on a mission to find the creepiest dolls in Polk County and where you can visit to see them.

Lloyds of Lakeland | 301 N. Kentucky Ave., Lakeland | A local jewel, Lloyds is downtown and boasts booth after booth of antique items perfect to drum up feelings of nostalgia – no matter your age. And, if dolls are what you’re after, Lloyds is the place to go, with 35 dealers selling everything you can imagine.


Photo via @thelaltoday

Biggar’s Antiques | 140 W. Haines Blvd. W., Lake Alfred | Dolls or not, Biggar’s is such a great place to stop if you’re ever in the Lake Alfred area. We love this blurb from their site: “We’re home to the most unique and unusual to be found, possibly anywhere. Forever changing (as we receive and display lots of the “new, old” weekly), you’ll not want to fail to visit with us here, as you begin to assemble your own collection and make additions also.#FunFact: If you ever find yourself in Atlanta, be sure to check out their Prop Shop.

Lakeland Antique Mall | 3530 US 98 N., Lakeland | The Lakeland Antique Mall is a behemoth when it comes to antiques. It features items of all eras spread across the store, including, you guessed it, creepy dolls. #FunFact: Disney fans will get a kick out of this antique shop as it showcases old Disney World relics and memorabilia that you quite literally can’t find anywhere else.

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Photo courtesy of Phil Evans | Lakeland Antique Mall

Treasure House Antiques & Collectibles | 232 6th St. NW., Winter Haven | Ready for 10,000+ sq. ft. of antiques? Head to Treasure House Antiques & Collectibles for, well, anything. Oh, yeah – this is definitely a local antique store you’ll want to visit for those one-of-a-kind dolls that you find nestled behind other oddities and collectibles from those before you. #ProTip: Take your time here – there’s so much to look at, we wouldn’t want you to miss your next great find.

Sherman’s Antiques | 1103 6th St. NW., Winter Haven | If you’re closer to Winter Haven, Sherman’s is a great option to find that next creepy doll to anoint your mantle. In fact, a quick Google search will uncover wall to wall pictures of dolls from history’s past.


Photo courtesy of Sherman’s Antiques