All Publix GreenWise Market locations to become traditional Publix Super Markets

A timeline for closing the eight Publix GreenWise Market stores — including one in Lakeland — is yet to be announced.

Lakeland Storefront (1) copy

You can still shop for organic + specialty goods at Lakeland’s location.

Photo provided by Publix GreenWise Market

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Attention, shoppers. Publix has announced that it will transition all eight of its Publix GreenWise Market stores to standard Publix Super Markets. The news comes less than four years after Lakeland’s location at 4747 S. Florida Ave. opened in December 2019.

When GreenWise Markets are converted into traditional Publix Super Market locations, some features — like the POURS counter where you can grab a drink to sip while you shop — may still be available. A timeline hasn’t been announced for when stores will be temporarily closed for the conversion.

In the meantime, Publix GreenWise Market is still open daily from 8 a.m.-9 p.m. and hosting events all month long. Stop by Tuesday, May 23 at 6 p.m. for BINGO Night, or — if you’re a wine tasting fan like our Instagram commenter @raesha9 — visit the Sip & Sign event with Chris Benziger on Friday, May 26 from 4-7 p.m.

A satellite view of Publix and Publix GreenWise Market locations circled on a map. The stores are in shopping centers on either side of South Florida Avenue.

Publix GreenWise Market (left) and the Lake Miriam Square Publix Super Market (right) on either side of South Florida Avenue.

Image via Google Maps

We know what you might be thinking. What will happen with the new Publix just across the street from the Publix in Lake Miriam Square? According to The Ledger, the Lake Miriam Publix is scheduled for demolition and reconstruction next year. It’s unclear at this time what will happen to the updated Publix in the former GreenWise Market location when the new Lake Miriam Square Publix is rebuilt.

What do you think should happen with the two Publix locations? Answer our poll and we may include them in an upcoming newsletter.

Your feedback

We polled our readers to you what should happen when the Lake Miriam Publix location is rebuilt. Here’s what you said:

  • 36.4% want to see both locations — the former GreenWise Market and the rebuilt Lake Miriam Square store — remain open and operational as separate Publix Super Markets.
  • 24.4% voted to close the former GreenWise market location once the Lake Miriam Square store is rebuilt.

Additionally, we received roughly 100 suggestions for what should happen to the space. Of those, nearly a third asked for a Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Whole Foods, or Fresh Market to replace the GreenWise location. About a quarter remained hopeful that the GreenWise stores will not close. The remaining answers were varied — from pet stores to restaurants. Here are a few that stood out:

  • “Turn it into a space for artists and crafting people to rent out booth-size spaces to sell their handmade items.” — Reader Warren C.
  • “Sell the former GreenWise Market location to a restaurant, bar, or non-grocery retail store.” — Reader Maelyn B.
  • “Make one more of a specialty Publix with some of the same items as GreenWise, things the other Publix does not have e.g. fresh mushrooms, salad bar/wing station, pours, etc.” — Reader Deborah L.
  • “Turn it into a school to train the next generation of grocers so they can get hands-on experience.” — Reader Ira J.
  • “A unique restaurant with wine, a market, and tapas! It’s a great location and deserves something fun!” — Reader Whitney M.
  • “The former GreenWise Market should become a large Publix Liquor Store. Would be perfect since POURS is already built in.” — Reader Hannah G.
  • “The building should be put up for sale and sold, perhaps for a restaurant.” — Reader Suzanne C.
  • “Use it as an “experimental” location to try out new technology, marketing, etc. Move the cooking school there and make it more affordable. Keep the coffee and wine corner and bring in local talent and family events. Make the outdoor area bigger to accommodate these events which are so crowded we don’t like to attend.” — Reader Leslie P.
  • “Become a markdown store. Day-old bread, dented cans, crushed boxes, etc. We have lots of needy people all over the city. Lots of people don’t necessarily want free, just modest prices.” — Reader Nelda M.

Other specific retail suggestions included Kroger, Costco, PetSmart, and Michael’s Craft Supplies.
Editor’s note: Some quotes adjusted slightly for clarity.