Lakeland holiday activities based on your Enneagram

Find the activity perfect for your personality.

Shiny silver photo backdrop with silver Christmas trees and hanging disco balls

Type 1s, we’ve done part of the planning for you — check out The Joinery for your holiday event.

Photo by @bloom.shakalaka

With so many holiday happenings around town, it can be hard to try them all. Here are our suggestions to find the perfect activity for you, based on your Enneagram personality type.

Type 1The Reformer
Rational, purposeful, self-controlled
You’re likely to be the one planning the family Christmas party — our list of rentable venues is here to help.

Type 2The Helper
Caring, interpersonal, generous
Put your helpfulness to good use by volunteering or giving to a toy drive this holiday season.

Type 3The Achiever
Success-oriented, adaptive, driven
Become a better (and more festive) version of yourself by taking a local class — we recommend a holiday-themed cooking class or painting class.

A white fireplace decorated for Christmas with a garland and gifts.

Type 4s can choose a decorated backdrop or start from scratch.

Photo via @raeonfilmphotography

Type 4The Individualist
Sensitive, expressive, dramatic
Use your creativity to make the Christmas card of your dreams with a family photoshoot at a local photo spot.

Type 5The Investigator
Intense, cerebral, innovative
With Lakeland decorated in its Christmas best, there’s no better time to take a tour and learn more about the place you call home.

Type 6The Loyalist
Committed, engaging, responsible
You’re known for sticking to your favorite activities, but it’s also a great time to try something new — like a themed twist on your favorite markets.

Ballerinas pose on stage as snow falls on a performance of "The Nutcracker"

Type 7s are sure to enjoy a ballet performance by Florida Dance Theatre.

Photo by Neil Cohen

Type 7The Enthusiast
Spontaneous, busy, fun-loving
With this list of ballets, musicals, and plays, you can keep your calendar full of exciting Christmas performances.

Type 8The Challenger
Powerful, confident, decisive
Challenge yourself to see if you can complete a holiday half-marathon or a full day on Lakeland’s bike trails.

Type 9The Peacemaker
Easygoing, receptive, reassuring
Treat yourself or a friend to a self-care day for some peace of mind in the holiday rush.

All descriptions of Enneagram types are courtesy of The Enneagram Institute. To find your Enneagram type, you can take the Enneagram Institute test. For a free option, click here.