John Cena visits Lakeland for a commercial shoot

The actor and wrestler stopped by a Swan City staple to fuel up before heading to work.

Actor and wrestler John Cena is seen on set of a commercial being filmed in Lakeland. He wears a blue bathrobe, white shirt, dark pants, and holds a coffee mug. Production workers stand around him behind a short hedge, and they're surrounded by lighting rigging.

We can’t wait to see the finished commercial.

Photo provided by an anonymous follower

Lakeland had a surprise visit this week from actor and wrestling star John Cena, who was in town to shoot a commercial. The ad was filmed in a south Lakeland neighborhood and production caused quite a commotion near 540A. One of our Instagram followers sent us a behind-the-scenes video + this photo of Cena on set.

It turns out that this may not be Cena’s first visit to Swan City. Several followers mentioned that he might have family in Lakeland. We know for sure that he has a $4 million home in Land O’ Lakes, just about an hour northwest of Lakeland.

Before heading to set, Cena fueled up like a true Lakelander: at a local coffee shop. The staff at Concord Coffee said he stopped by on Tuesday morning. What’s the drink of choice for a World Wrestling Entertainment champion? A flat white with whole milk.

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