The best eateries in Lakeland, FL


Downtown Lakeland | Photo via LALtoday

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Last week, we asked you to chime in with the best eateries across Lakeland. With hundreds of suggestions and over 1,500 votes on our poll, we’re serving up the best breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, and cocktail spots + what you should order.

The best breakfast spot in Lakeland: Fat Jack’s Deli & Pub


Breakfast at Fat Jack’s | Photo via @kamalasu

Photo via @kamalasu

What to order: Regulars recommend keeping it simple with menu items like the western omelet, hash browns (or breakfast potatoes pictured above), coffee, and a bagel.

ProTip: seating is somewhat limited so be sure to get there early + use your eagle eye to snag a table.

The best lunch spot in Lakeland: Palace Pizza


Carbonara, garlic knots, gnocchi, Hawaiian pizza, mezzaluna, and Caesar salad | Photo via @thelaltoday

What to order: Whenever we head out to a team lunch, we love to pop into the downtown location for all of the yumminess pictured above. One thing you can’t skimp out on are those garlic knotsthey are as delicious as they look.

ProTip: Don’t fret over parking right out front, consider parking on Main St. or Kentucky Ave. and walking to let your food settle afterward.

The best dinner spot in Lakeland: Nineteen61

Image from iOS

Palomilla Skirt Steak + garlic potato silk | Photo via @thelaltoday

What to order: If you’re an appetizer lover, we recommend ordering the empanadas filled with beef + topped with hot sauce and sugar, or check out the Palomilla Skirt Steak + garlic potato silk.

ProTip: If you start the evening off with a cocktail, consider rounding out the night with a cappuccino for $3.50.

The best coffee shop in Lakeland: Black & Brew Coffee House and Bistro


The hot latte of your dreams | Photo via @britt_lennartsson

What to order: Depending on the season, whether you enjoy hot or iced, you can’t go wrong with a good ‘ole fashioned latte, paired with a warmed blueberry muffin or pastry of your choice.

ProTip: If you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend trying out a seasonal beverage — the list changes frequently.

What’s the best spot to grab a drink in Lakeland: Swan Brewing


Gator Pale Ales at the Lake Wire location | Photo via @thelaltoday

What to order: If the Gator Pale Ale ever returns, we recommend it (pictured). This now sold-out brew is the first of its kind to utilize Florida hops in collaboration with the University of Florida.

ProTip: Swan Brewing is also a great venue to catch live music + local food trucks. You can find all of the upcoming events for the Lake Wire location here.

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We asked, you answered.

Yesterday we took to the polls...the Instagram polls that is, to ask you, our loyal followers where you love to dine in Lakeland. With hundreds of responses, we were able to narrow down the top 4 breakfast joints, lunch spots, dinner scenes, coffee bars, and cocktail hours in Swan City — all thanks to you.

Now we’re putting the ball back in your court. From the top 4 spots in each category, we need you to narrow down the number 1 pick. Up for the challenge? Vote below + we’ll share the top eatery for each category in an upcoming newsletter.

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