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Introducing: the Support LKLD app

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Support LKLD app | web version

A new resource to support local businesses is now available at your fingertips, thanks to Lights Up Digital Marketing. 📲

Given the trying times we’re collectively going through, we owe it to our loyal LAL business owners to give back + keep an eye out for ways to show support.

Support LKLD is a new app designed by Lakelanders for Lakelanders to stay informed on which local businesses are open, their hours of operation + how you can purchase food or merchandise from them. A map of specific locations is also integrated for a visual of all your favorite spots around town.

A sneak preview of the app’s web version

The app is free and can be downloaded on a web browser or mobile device (using the QR Code below).

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Support LKLD app | mobile download code

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