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A sneak peek at Bonnet Springs Park, opening Sat., Oct. 22 in Lakeland, FL

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Bonnet Springs Park offers a public space that brings out the best of downtown while showcasing Lakeland’s natural beauty. | Photo provided by Bonnet Springs Park

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Let the countdown begin. Lakeland is 94 days away from the long anticipated opening of Bonnet Springs Park, Central Florida’s new place to play. The public park is located just outside of downtown on the east side of Lake Bonnet and will serve as a connection between downtown and northwest Lakeland.

There’s a lot to look forward to, so we’re giving you a rundown of what to expect.

By the numbers

  • 94: Days away from the park’s Sat., Oct. 22 opening
  • 168: Acres of park to explore
  • 20+: Paths to walk or run, plus a high-speed bike trail
  • 200+: Benches along walking trails like the Lakeland Regional Health Circulator
  • 3,700: New trees that have been planted for scenic views throughout the park

Ways to explore the park

Run, walk, bike, or wheel your way through the park. From taking leisurely strolls to working up a sweat and getting your miles in — you can get it done while soaking in nature’s beauty.

Spend time on the water by hopping on a pedal boat or kayak to cruise around the Blanton Family Lagoon. Or take it easy and find a nice picnic spot, or relax on one of the park benches.


The Hollis Family Welcome Center serves as the park’s flagship building and gives guests a chance to learn about Lakeland’s unique history. | Photo provided by Bonnet Springs Park

Cool off + learn about Lakeland’s history

Bookend your day at the park with a stop at the Hollis Family Welcome Center. This two-story building is the first building you’ll come to when entering and leaving the park. Find souvenirs at the gift shop and get a history lesson at the Watson Clinic History Gallery — which showcases the agricultural and cultural history of Lakeland.

Get behind the scenes updates

Can’t wait for the park to open? We can’t either. Keep up with the latest developments and happenings by subscribing to the park’s newsletter.*


True or False: The area that is now Bonnet Springs Park once served as the longest railyard in Florida. Let us know.