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What we tried at Sabrina’s Delicacies, Lakeland’s newest spot for charcuterie

After two years of waiting, Lakeland’s newest charcuterie spot has opened its storefront for business — here’s our review.

The exterior of the Sabrina's Delicacies building. It has white walls, dark green columns, and a dark roof topped with a business sign. There are trees in the background behind the building and cars parked in front.

Whether you’re a charcuterie connoisseur or new on the scene, Sabrina’s Delicacies has options sure to satisfy.

Photo by LALtoday

Don’t worry, brie happy — that’s what we’re saying now that Sabrina’s Delicacies has opened its long-awaited storefront.

We recently popped by the eatery at 4610 Cleveland Heights Blvd., Ste. 1 to give you the scoop on what you need to know before you go + what menu items can’t be missed.

A hand holding a menu for Sabrina's Delicacies, with different menu items listed.

Sabrina’s menu features a variety of grab + go, small plate, and larger board options, along with specialty drinks.

Photo by LALtoday

What to expect

The storefront offers grab + go charcuterie boxes, as well as a variety of freshly prepared small plates. Each small plate option offers different levels of customization so you can make the perfect assortment. If you’re newer to the charcuterie scene like us, trust the staff’s recommendations — not only are they knowledgeable, but also incredibly friendly.

Prices range depending on the item, starting at $12 for a caprese salad and as high as $25 for a charcuterie flight. You can also pre-order larger boards of charcuterie, desserts, or fruit. In addition to food + drinks, the storefront also has wearable merch for sale.

Two small plates containing ricotta dip and burrata are shown, along with a basket of toasted bread.

Every item we tried off Sabrina’s menu had us doing a happy dance.

Photo by LALtoday

What we tried:

Amelia tried the ricotta dip with sundried tomato, balsamic glaze, and toasted bread. Connor opted for the burrata plate, which she customized with toasted bread, mixed fruit, arugula, and prosciutto — for a drink, she tried the handcrafted watermelon lemonade.

A plate of ricotta dip with toasted bread is shown.

The food at Sabrina’s is almost too pretty to eat — almost.

Photo by LALtoday

Our takeaways:

From the vibes to the food, everything about our experience at Sabrina’s was immaculate. Each item we tried was fresh, crafted with care, and served in a way that — even if you’re not a charcuterie connoisseur — you understand how it’s supposed to be eaten. Each plate is also crafted with sharing in mind, so we feel that you get what you pay for from both a quality and portion perspective.

Long story short, this spot has been worth the wait. Stop by for a visit of your own Tuesday-Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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