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Polk County projects funded in Florida’s $116.5 billion state budget

Read on to learn which Polk County projects were approved and vetoed in Florida’s $116.5 billion state budget.

Exterior of Florida's Capitol buildings in Tallahassee, FL

Florida Capitol Building in Tallahassee

Photo by @epcotexplorer

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Florida’s newly signed state budget comes in at a record high of $116.5 billion. How much funding did Polk County projects receive? Read on for a by-the-numbers breakdown of some projects that were approved and vetoed.

A rendering of the exterior of the Se7en Wetlands education building recently funded by the state budget

The Se7en Wetlands education center received nearly $1 million.

Rendering courtesy of Straughn Trout Architects

Lakeland’s approved projects

  • $6.1 million — Polk State College’s Lakeland Academic Center renovation
  • $4 million — Southeastern University’s early childhood learning center and preschool
  • $1.03 million — New Beginnings High School’s innovation labs
  • $1 million — Lakeland Regional Health’s graduate medical education program
  • $950,000 — Se7en Wetlands’ Lakeland water education center
  • $500,000 — Southeastern University’s Pathways: Life Skills House

Polk County’s approved projects

  • $10 million — Powerline Road South extension from Haines City to Dundee
  • $8.5 million — Polk Regional Water Cooperative
  • $3.5 million — Polk County Public Schools’ Homeland Agribusiness Academy
  • $3 million — Boys & Girls Clubs of Polk County’s new Mulberry facility
  • $850,000 — Peace River Center’s community mobile support team
  • $250,000 — Building improvements for Bartow’s historic cigar factory

The Polk Museum of Art’s expansion did not receive funding in the budget.

Rendering via Straughn Trout Architects

Lakeland’s vetoed projects

  • $11.2 million — Florida Polytechnic University’s Student Achievement Center
  • $5 million — Kathleen Road widening and extension
  • $750,000 — Polk County Public Schools’ Heartland Biztown and Finance Park, an entrepreneurship center for students
  • $500,000 — Polk Museum of Art’s expansion project
  • $450,000 — Aerospace Center for Excellence and Sun ’n Fun’s long-term resiliency plan

Polk County’s vetoed projects

  • $16.2 million — Polk State College’s Northeast Ridge campus addition in Haines City
  • $2 million — Polk County Courthouse roof replacement
  • $950,000 — Commercial phosphogypsum use pilot project

Learn more about state and local projects that were included or vetoed in the budget, or read the full budget bill for more information.