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Grab a cup from Morning Grind, Florida Southern College’s student-run coffee cart

See how students are learning about entrepreneurship with this experiential learning lab.

A student employee of Morning Grind hands a coffee cup to a customer across the coffee cart.

You’ll find students behind the coffee bar and in line at Morning Grind.

Photo by Daniel Jones

When we asked for your nominations for our coffee shop bracket last month, we noticed a new name among the recommendations: Morning Grind. What makes this newly opened coffee shop special? It’s run by Florida Southern College students on campus.

The cart isn’t just a part-time job for students. It’s a learning lab where they can get real world experience and support from the Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and its director Justin Heacock.

Students are given 100% independence to run the business’s daily operations, advertise, and manage profits. They sourced local coffee beans + tea, and they make the flavored syrups themselves. You can follow along with their business updates to see how much they’re earning and what they’re learning.

A hand holds a green colored iced coffee in a plastic cup in the foreground. In the background is a blurry shot of students working the Morning Grind coffee cart.

Coffee flavors include vanilla, salted caramel, white mocha, maple, and more.

Photo by Daniel Jones

We stopped by Morning Grind to grab a cup for ourselves. The menu is pretty simple (think: lattes, cold brew, and americanos) but the team is adding new offerings all the time — and even offers pup cups for dogs. We opted for a seasonal peppermint latte and would definitely be here every morning if we were FSC students.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a Moc to get a pick-me-up. Morning Grind is open Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. It’s located just outside the Becker Business Building, near the roundabout at the corner of Lake Hollingsworth Drive and Hollingsworth Road. You can even order online to have your order ready when you arrive.

Pro tip: There are a few parking lots near the cart, or you can stop by during a lakeside walk — it’s located halfway around the lake if you park next to the Lakeland Country Club.

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