Meet the finalists for Launch Pitch Night at Catapult

These five entrepreneurs pitched their businesses for the chance to secure up to $10,000 in micro-grant funding.

A group of judges and spectators listen attentively to presentations at tables in a large room.

Lakeland entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses will pitch their big ideas at Catapult’s Launch Pitch Night for the chance to win up to $10,000 in funding.

Photo by @catapultlkld

Welcome to the tank, Lakeland. Next week, five local entrepreneurs will pitch their businesses for up to $10,000 in micro-grant funding at Catapult Lakeland’s Launch Night.

In this “Shark Tank”-style event, pitching entrepreneurs will have roughly 10 minutes to present their ideas and why they deserve the funding. This round’s finalists represent a broad range of makers — from specialty drinkware to woodworking businesses — who could impress even the Mr. Wonderful.

A collage of five headshots of entrepreneurs including a main with brown hair in a black shirt, a woman with brown hair in a pink blazer, a woman with brown hair in a black shirt, two men with brown hair in a blue t-shirt and green t-shirt, and a man with blonde hair in a gray blazer.

Michael Adkins, Sydney Graybill, Jacqueline Martinez, Tony Orbegoso + Tyler Cummings, and Luke Citarelli are this round’s Launch Pitch Night finalists.

Photos courtesy of @catapultlkld

  • Infinite Matterz | Founder Michael Adkins transformed his hobby for powder coating into a full-scale business that specializes in applying electrostatic and ceramic coatings to everything from cups to car parts.
    Seeking funds for: An improved powder gun
    Awarded: $10,000
  • Dual Drinks | Imagine a thermos that can not only hold two separate drinks in it but also allows you to mix them together — that’s Dual Drinks, a one-of-a-kind invention by founder Sydney Graybill.
    Seeking funds for: Manufacturing and tooling equipment
    Awarded: $10,000
  • Taqueria del Angel | A student at Florida Southern, Jacqueline Martinez is the founder of this pop-up restaurant concept with authentic recipes for Mexican favorites like tacos and taquitos.
    Seeking funds for: A new POS system and booth improvements
    Awarded: $2,500
  • TNT Industries | Tony Orbegoso + Tyler Cummings founded this commercial and retail woodworking company that focuses on creating beautiful countertops and tables.
    Seeking funds for: A wide belt sander to improve their work capacity
    Awarded: $10,000
  • Patch N Play | Patch N Play is a product that extends the longevity of athletes’ tennis shoes by making them more resilient. Founder Luke Citarelli is also a student at FSC.
    Seeking funds for: 3D printing equipment and filament
    Awarded: $2,500
A group of five smiling people hold an oversized check and raise their arms in celebration. The check is for $35,000 from Catapult Lakeland and is written to five local businesses.

All five businesses received $35,000 total at this Launch Pitch Night.

Photo by @catapultlkld

Want to be in the room where it happens? The next Launch Pitch Night is coming up this fall — follow along with Catapult to see when applications and RSVPs open.

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