8 new apartment complexes coming to Lakeland, FL

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West Pipkin + Yates Road development | Rendering via Mosaic Development

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Did you know Lakeland’s apartment scene could expand by 1,000 new units? Here’s what’s currently in the works:

Approved apartments

West Pipkin + Yates

Near the Polk Parkway in Southwest Lakeland, plans were approved this week for rezoning, which will soon hold a 252 unit luxury complex.

  • Features: One + two-bedroom units, an 8,000-sqft clubhouse, heated pool, dog park, and recreational space

East Belle Vista Street + West Lake Parker Drive

South of Tigertown, this 88 unit development, Parker Pointe, broke ground in February.

  • Features: An environmentally friendly complex, fitness center, pool, and library, with a February 2023 opening
A rendering of a four-story apartment building painted gray and dark blue. Palm trees and small trees line the building facing the street where pedestrians walk and a car drives by.

Parker Pointe | Photo via Green Mills Group

Sikes Boulevard + George Jenkins Boulevard

This development was approved in November and will be home to a 630-unit apartment complex, plus retail + restaurant options.

  • Features: Two phases featuring 300 + 350 units, respectively, with the second phase sitting atop 15,000-sqft of retail

Conceptual Master Plan sketch via Hauger-Bunch

Oak Street

While not officially approved, the plans received the green light to navigate negotiations in October, through April for a five-story residential development, a six-story parking structure, and 3,000-sqft of retail potential.

  • Features: 153 units, a potential new corner cafe, and 400 additional parking spaces

Tentative plan for the structure | Graphic via the City of Lakeland

Tentative apartments

Parkway Frontage Road South and Pipkin Creek Road

This 120 unit complex could join an additional 270-unit complex, bringing the whole to 390 units.

  • What’s next? Approval is still up in the air, with a more clear decision coming April 20 where the Lakeland Planning + Zoning Board will vote on whether to recommend the development to city commissioners.

Between West Oak Drive + West Poinsettia Street

A co-housing first for Lakeland, this complex known as Harwood Village Southgate would feature both independent + communal housing for older adults and adults living with disabilities.


Harwood Village conceptual floor plans for the second and third floors | Renderings via The Lunz Group

Lake Miriam Drive + Florida Avenue

This complex would sit next to Lake Miriam Square and feature 244 units + five buildings

  • What’s next? A public hearing for the development was requested for postponement. The hearing could now take place on Mon., April 4.

West Pipkin + Yates

This potential 350 unit complex is located on the land previously coined Towne Park Estates.

  • What’s next? This complex is facing a potential rezoning to allow for the volume of units proposed. The developer must also facilitate wetland boundaries.