January is National Blood Donors Month – Where to donate in Lakeland

Blood drive | Image via Pixabay

Since 1970, January has been recognized as National Blood Donor Month after President Richard Nixon declared it as such on December 31, 1969. In his proclamation, the late President Nixon stated that “No manifestation of this generosity of spirit is more expressive, and no gift more priceless in time of personal crisis, than the donation of one’s blood. The voluntary blood donor truly gives life itself.” 

Today, after almost a year since COVID-19 reached American soil, the need to donate blood stands. According to the Red Cross, this year’s Blood Donor Month, “coincides with one of the most difficult times to maintain a sufficient blood supply for patients and this year is no exception.And, as we continue to see cases rise both in Florida and nationally, the need for convalescent plasma (plasma from eligible survivors of COVID-19), increases as well. 

What to Expect

If you’re a first-time blood donor, here’s what you can expect:

  • Registration – Sign in, share your ID, and review important information
  • Health History/Physical – An overview of your health history
  • Donation timeOne pint is drawn and usually takes no longer than 10 minutes
  • Recovery –The team typically provides a snack and a drink to boost your blood sugar as you recover for around 15 minutes
  • Testing – Your blood is sent off to be tested and distributed to patients in need

Where to Donate in Polk County