Let’s refresh: What is LALtoday and what do we cover?

It’s never a bad idea to reintroduce yourself — we’re LALtoday, a hyper-local newsletter curated, narrated, and delivered to your inbox every day at 6 a.m.

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LALtoday and your inbox go together like Lakeland and swans.

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These days, it can be difficult to keep all of your local and national media outlets straight. Everywhere you turn, someone is publishing a story, and you have to decide who you subscribe totrust us, we know you have plenty of options.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering who we are here at LALtoday, no worries. Allow us to reintroduce ourselves — from our mission of activating and educating Lakeland citizens to the editors who make it happen.

How it works

LALtoday is a branch of our larger parent company, 6AM City. While there are 6AM City markets spanning the nation from Boston to Seattle, your LALtoday newsletter is written by two localsmore on that later.

Let’s answer some FAQs:

  • Is LALtoday affiliated with the City of Lakeland? No. We share as much news about the City of Lakeland as possible, but we’re two independent entities.
  • Who should I direct my feedback to? Feedback is a gift, we’ll always take it. Thoughts on a newsletter or article can be emailed to our team. Feedback specifically relating to the city — think development, parking, traffic, public services, etc. — can be shared with the city via the Citizens Action Center.
  • Why don’t I see any coverage of national news, crime and punishment, or politics in my newsletter? Every media company is different, and at 6AM City we choose to cover the most relevant, hyper-local news and events, focusing on city guides, civic conversations, food and drink, lifestyle, history, and local news. You can read more in our editorial ethics policy.

Meet the editors

LALtoday City Editors Connor Keith and Rilee Delgado

Connor Keith + Rilee Delgado

Photo by LALtoday

City Editors Rilee and Connor have the honor and privilege of sharing local news, events, and conversations with thousands of readers in Lakeland, daily, via our newsletters and our socials. Check out our Q+A to learn about Connor’s favorite lake and Rilee’s perfect day in Swan City.

Have any lingering questions? Send them our way, and thank you for reading LALtoday. If you aren’t subscribed yet, it’s as easy (and free) as clicking this link.

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