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Try This: Plan a perfect picnic with Publix GreenWise Market

Here’s how the team at Publix GreenWise Market can help you find everything to pamper your pals at a picnic this spring.

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With such a beautiful picnic spread, we were getting jealous stares from the people walking by.

Photo by LALtoday

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City Editor Connor here. With weather this nice and the spring flowers blooming, there’s no better time of year for a picnic in Lakeland. But what’s a picnic without all the essentials (plus some treats)? That’s why I headed to Publix GreenWise Market — a specialty grocery store whose organic goods + house-made eats make it the perfect place to plan a spring picnic menu.

Baked goods and colorful doughnuts from the Publix GreenWise Market bakery

With desserts made in-house that look this good, I couldn’t resist picking up a box.

Photo by LALtoday

What we tried

First, I stopped by the POURS section to grab a made-to-order craft soda. With a grocery basket in one hand and my Black Raspberry Mojito Soda in the other, I was off in search of the perfect picnic bites.

I met with the store’s wine expert, Joanna, who helped me pick out the essentials, like fresh-cut fruit and bottled tea, but who also suggested some unique finds that took my picnic to the next level.

EATS section inside Publix GreenWise Market with fresh fruit and veggies

They also pop gourmet popcorn here — just follow the scent behind the EATS counter.

Photo by LALtoday

What not to miss

No matter your picnic menu, the EATS section has everything you need (think: freshly-made sushi, pizza, salad, and Lakeland’s beloved “Pub Subs”). I grabbed some desserts and a charcuterie box to share. In FINDS, Joanna suggested a delicious and affordable bottle of wine.

City editor Connor eating a cookie at a picnic

I couldn’t believe Publix GreenWise Market had my favorite treat: Macarons.

Photo by LALtoday

What we’re still talking about

The employees offer excellent service, even remembering customers by name. Everyone was friendly and recommended the best products for me. They even sent me on my way with paper goods for my picnic at (where else?) Bonnet Springs Park. It was a dreamy afternoon for a picnic — and let’s just say we were the talk of the park when we pulled out our basket.

A bottle of wine from Publix Greenwise Market

Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions — you might find a new favorite, like I did.

Photo by LALtoday

How you can experience this

Check the forecast for a sunny day and then stop by Publix GreenWise Market for your picnic essentials, bites to go, and other grocery items. Need help? Ask the team for recommendations to kick your picnics up a notch this spring.

Exterior view of Publix GreenWise Market with a shopping cart and grocery bag

It’s a wise choice to shop for your next picnic at Publix GreenWise Market.

Photo by LALtoday

Things to know if you go

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