Here’s your sign: The Southside Cleaners sign returns

Our readers share their ideas for the iconic sign’s next message.

The Southside Cleaners sign reading "Stay Tuned"

We’re staying tuned for more of this sign’s iconic puns. | Photo by LALtoday

Photo by LALtoday

A local legend is back. After suffering storm damage during the 2022 hurricane season, the Southside Cleaners sign has undergone repairs. The sign — which simply read “Ouchie!” for the past several months — is known for its punny messages.

We asked our Instagram followers what they would put on the sign for its comeback. Here are a few of our favorites:

“Ian strong ain’t neon strong!” —@cepjr44

“I cracked my self up, yes literally.” —@tatthompson9

“New sign, who dis? #ian” —

“What do you call an Irish spider? Paddy long legs” —@marinagracee

“I miss you” —@sbarthle

“Restaurant on the moon review: Food was great, but no atmosphere” —

“Here’s your sign” —@toribrady

Have an idea of your own? Drop it in our comments or send it to our inbox.

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