Lakeland’s Little Free Libraries

Whether you’re looking to drop off some gently-used books or find your next read, check out Lakeland’s Little Free Libraries.

A pink, yellow, and blue little free library.

Find this Little Free Library at 999 Lake Hollingsworth Dr.

Photo by LALtoday

Sometimes they look like little homes with glass doors, other times they’re re-purposed newspaper stands or mailboxes. Whatever they look like, you’ve seen those tiny, painted boxes posted up in a front yard or outside of a business and filled to the brim with books, but what are they?

They’re called Little Free Libraries, and currently, there are dozens spread across the city providing Lakeland’s active and aspiring readers with access to books.

Today, we’re talking about these little bundles of good, including what they are, who they’re for, where to find one, and how you can become a Little Free host.

What they are

Little Free Libraries provide free, public access to books for those who might not have easy access to a public library, or those simply looking for a new read.

A three-tier little free library decorated with bees.

We’d bee lucky to buzz over to this spot for our next read.

Photo by LALtoday

Who they’re for

Well, that’s easy. They aim to serve children and their families to help further their education and support high school graduation rates, but they’re open to anyone and everyone.

Where to find them

The locations of the libraries can be found on this interactive map, but we wouldn’t be LALtoday if we didn’t give you some of our favorites.

📚 Nala’s Library | Charter #145346

  • We took to Instagram to ask our followers about their favorite Little Free Libraries, and @lisa.in_real_life shared some appreciation for this spot at 115 Patten Heights St.

📚 Lake Beulah FLW | Charter #119695

📚 Beehere Library | Charter #129491

  • Buzz on over to this three-story library at 402 Hancock St. to find your next read.
A little free library outside someone's home

Stop by Nala’s Library for your next book.

Photo by LALtoday

How to start one

To start a Little Free Library, you can build your own or buy one from the Little Free Library online store. Looking for design inspiration? Check out these designsbonus points if you use a Lakeland legend like Blinky or the swans for your inspiration.

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