Lakeland’s lakes: a guide

Lake Hollingsworth at sunset | Photo via @chelseamansfield

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Hey, Lakeland. We’re starting a new series on Lakeland’s lakes. Did you know there are 38 of them? For each installment, we’re taking a deep dive into a specific lake. 

Would it be a lakes guide if we didn’t start it off with old faithful? Today we’re talking about:

Lake Hollingsworth

Lake Hollingsworth is a 354-acre body of water in central Lakeland. It has an average depth of 4-ft., but its deepest point is 14-ft. below the surface. It holds roughly 792,833,452 gallons of water. 

Some notable features of the lake include the Lakeland Country Club (929 Lake Hollingsworth Dr.), which sits beside the lake’s large public parking lot; a 3-mile walking and biking trail circumventing the water that is both stroller and wheelchair accessible; and views of Florida Southern College, First Presbyterian Church, and wildlife. There are no public restrooms, so plan accordingly.

Looking to get on the water? The lake has 1 boat ramp and a separate area within the parking lot for trucks and boat trailers. It is a popular fishing location, with fishing maps available online. It is often home to water skiers, paddle boarders, and leisurely boaters.

Those not ready to dip their toe in, so to speak, can also try hammocking around the lake between trees, rollerblading along the path, or stepping off the path and pausing at the boardwalk

Now that you have all the info, water you waiting for? Make it out to Lake Hollingsworth this week and tag us in your photos for a chance to be featured.