UFO sightings in Lakeland, Fla.


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Have aliens visited Lakeland?

ICYMI, a viral post from the New York Times recently told the story of five Navy pilots who reported sightings of mysterious flying objects that appeared to “reach 30,000 feet and hypersonic speeds.”

Though no one is entirely sure what the pilots saw, it bolsters a growing fascination with the potential that alien life exists.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center State Report Index, there have been thousands of alien and UFO sightings in Florida, with 60+ in Lakeland alone. The most common cases in Swan City have included reports of glowing orange objects floating across the sky.

Though there are numerous theories surrounding this world-wide phenomenon, one possible reason for the sightings in Lakeland could be due to the activity at Draken International.

Located at Lakeland Linder International Airport (LAL), Draken International owns the world’s largest commercial fleet of tactical ex-military aircraft. (Think Top Gun.)

These 150 fighter jets fly out of LAL and are equipped with subsonic and supersonic radar + prominent orange-red navigation/identification lights on several aircrafts – like the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk + Aermacchi MB 339CB – which could possibly account for what people think to be “hovering orange orbs” in the sky.

Do you have a theory to the unexplained orange orbs in Lakeland or believe extraterrestrial life exists? Tell us your thoughts and experiences.

Eyewitness Accounts

Here are several eyewitness accounts from the State Report Index. ⤵️

🛸 “Saw an orange orb hovering over the Lakeland power plant for about five minutes.”

🛸 “Strange orange lights over Lakeland.”

🛸 “Eight gold colored orbs of light.”

🛸“Two orange globes moving slowly over Lakeland, FL.”

🛸 “Fireball over Lakeland, Florida.”

🛸 “Orange lights across the night sky - a strange and unexplained sighting.”

🛸 “Three individuals witnessed seven orange orbs within 20 minutes moving from the Northwest and going towards the South.

🛸 “Silent, strong pyramid form with goldfish orang-ish lights.”

🛸 “5 orange globes moving in sync...no sound.”

🛸 “Saw one craft with horizontal jet stream come to a stop then split into two crafts with tear dropped orb surrounding them.”

🛸 “This object did not move for long periods, it just hovered.”

🛸 “My family and I saw a fast moving, silent object with bright lights almost like a fireball over our skies.”

🛸 “Ball of fire going from east to west over Lakeland, FL.”

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