Solve this Lake Mirror puzzle

How fast can you complete this picture of Lake Mirror in Lakeland, FL?

Screenshot of a digital puzzle of a picture of Lake Mirror in Lakeland, FL.

Make this puzzle as easy or difficult as you’d like.

Photo by LALtoday, screenshot via Jigsaw Planet

Long weekend? Pour yourself a cup of coffee and wake up with this virtual puzzle. Once you’re done, you should have a picture of our very own Lake Mirrorand maybe brighter eyes + a bushier tail.

We set the difficulty to medium for you to start. Try it on a harder level for an extra challenge, or make it easier if you’re still waiting on that coffee to kick in.

When you’ve finished the puzzle, let us know your finish time we may shout out the winners in an upcoming newsletter. If you’d like to see your own Lakeland photo used in a future puzzle, send it our way or tag us on Instagram.