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Joint pain, injuries, and surgery: 5 orthopedics FAQs with Lakeland Regional Health

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Lakeland Regional Health is here to answer our questions about orthopedic medicine. | Photo provided

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Fact or fiction? Joint pain is something you just have to live with. The answer here is (thankfully) fiction, as joint pain is something an orthopedic doctor can assist with.

Orthopedic medicine can help people from all walks of life — from those with sports injuries to those dealing with the effects of aging. To help separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to orthopedics, we consulted the pros at Lakeland Regional Health:

Q: What can people do about sports injuries?

A: Injuries are a frequent reality of living an active lifestyle. To prevent further injury, athletes should remain in close communication with their physicians. Think: Stay in the game longer by working with a sports medicine expert.

Q: How can joint pain be treated?

A: Joint pain can impact your daily life. An orthopedic doctor can assess the root of your pain and provide solutions. Did you know? Lakeland Regional Health offers minimally-invasive robotic surgery options that can quickly get patients back to their lives.

Q: How do I know if I need surgery?

A: Many orthopedic surgeries are elective. Read: Knee replacements and other options are designed to give you a better quality of life. Lakeland Regional Health doctors can provide customized treatment plans to fit patients’ needs.

Q: How do I know if I need a specialist?

A: Everything starts with your primary care physician. Looking for one? With 250+ providers, Lakeland Regional Health can help. They also offer over 35 specialties, making the referral process easy.

Q: Does LRH have Orthopedic Trauma Medicine?

A: The Bannasch Institute for Advanced Rehabilitation Medicine was designed with input from industry experts, care providers, and community members to ensure accessible, coordinated, and cutting-edge services for patients and their families. At this facility, patients who have experienced a traumatic injury are able to journey towards recovery.

What other questions do you have? Learn more about orthopedic services at Lakeland Regional Health.*

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