LALtoday’s holiday crossword puzzle

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Good morning, merry Christmas, feliz Navidad, joyeux Noël, season’s greetings, and glad tidings of comfort and joy.

After all the presents are unwrapped and once the hot cocoa is in your hands, settle into your favorite comfy chair and check out this holiday crossword puzzle – custom made for you, our favorite Lakelanders, by your LALtoday team.

How to play

  • The “&” may be used in answers
  • If playing virtually, correct answers will stay highlighted
  • To start over, hit “Reset”
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Answer Key

2. Tampa
4. Born&Bread
5. FloridaPolytechnic
7. Lakeside
12. Black&Brew
14. Gary
15. CampMorton
16. Mutz
17. Hollingsworth
18. Munnville

1. Terrace
3. Phosphate
5. FSC
6. TheJoinery
8. Swan
9. England
10. Polk Theatre
11. Scorch
13. White
16. Munn