Celebrating Pi Day with Lakeland’s longest-running restaurant

When visiting Reececliff Diner, you simply can’t forget the pie.

Reececliff diner at night

Reececliff Diner has been a Lakeland staple for over 75 years.

Photo via @reececliff.diner

We hope you’ve got your forks ready, Lakelanders, because Thursday, March 14 is Pi Day.

What is Pi Day?

Pi Day occurs annually on March 14 to celebrate the mathematical constant π (pi), which starts with 3.14. The earliest known official celebration of Pi Day was organized by Larry Shaw, a physicist at the San Francisco Exploratorium, in 1988. During the celebration, the Exploratorium’s staff and public marched around one of its circular spaces, then consumed fruit pies.

While today’s Pi Day celebrations may call for a lot less marching, there’s still plenty of pie to eat. Want to grab one of the best slices in Lakeland? Head to Reececliff Family Diner (940 S. Florida Ave.).

Five pies in a display case

Are you hungry for pecan, pumpkin, or something else? Head to Reececliff to try some of Lakeland’s favorite pies.

The history of Reececliff

With more than 75 years of operation under its belt, Reececliff is hailed as Lakeland’s longest running restaurant. While the menu covers classics from country fried steak to liver and onions, the pies are often what keep people coming back.

Crafted by the same expert for 50+ years, Reececliff’s pies include a wide variety of flavors, including apple, chocolate cream, and cherry. City Editor Amelia’s personal favorite is the peanut butter pie, whereas Connor’s is coconut cream.

Where else to celebrate Pi Day

If you still want to get in on the pie-eating celebration but sweets aren’t your thing, you can head just up the street to Born & Bread Bakehouse to pick up a take-and-bake chicken pot pie or over to Palace Pizza for a pizza pie instead. After all, the pie really is the limit.

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