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A first-hand look at The Joinery – Lakeland’s first food hall

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In 2018, we helped announce that Lakeland was getting its very first food hall. At the beginning of last year, we shared its nameThe Joinery. Last fall, we had the opportunity to announce a few of the vendors that were headed inside. And just this week, we stepped foot inside for a little preview, gathering all the need-to-know information for you and your hungry + eager stomachs.

Here’s the rundown of what you can expect both inside + outside of the space. ⬇️

An inside look at The Joinery | Giphy by @thelaltoday

  • A large wooden + concrete bar with an abundance of taps + a kitschy drink menu with cocktails like “Thai One On,” a tropical Moscow mule-inspired libation with lemongrass and citrus, and “Uno Moss,” a margarita featuring Ancho Verde.
  • An industrial-feel to the space with a high, arched, exposed ceiling, and concrete floors.
  • A front patio with a covering, chairs, tables, couches, benches, and an iconic lakefront view.
  • A back patio with a fire pit, orange sunset-themed umbrella tables, and native Florida foliage from The Nectary.

The bar at The Joinery | Photo by @thelaltoday

  • An easy-to-find large parking lot, connected to the side of the building.
  • Ornate breeze blocks, both inside + outside to promote airflow, while adding a layer of privacy.
  • Uniquely designed spaces for each vendor, built out of shipping containers.

And now let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic (and lowkey the reason you’re here): The food. You can find a variety of goodies from several different vendors – from a taste-bud trip around the world with Ato’s poke bowls and Gallito Taqueria’s mango con chile to more locally-based treasures like spicy miso ramen from Sābu Ramen + imperial stouts from King State Coffee.


Florida Bowl, Pork Belly Ramen, Cheese Pizza at The Joinery | Photo by @thelaltoday

P.S. Times of operation will be as follows: Mon.-Thurs. from 7 a.m.-10 p.m., Fri. + Sat. from 7 a.m.-11 p.m., and Sun. from 8 a.m.-8 p.m.


Front patio at The Joinery | Photo by @thelaltoday

While the space is in the midst of opening, owners Jon and Sarah Bucklew are brainstorming more plans for the future – such as a smore kits you can purchase from the bar to enjoy outside by the campfire.


Front lawn at The Joinery | Photo by @thelaltoday

Curious to see what the process was for creating The Joinery? Watch episodes of their journey here.


View of Lake Mirror from the front lawn at The Joinery | Photo by @thelaltoday

Bonus: The Joinery is just about a two-minute walk to the rest of downtown + has millisecond access to Lake Mirror.


A few of the seating options inside of The Joinery | Photo by @thelaltoday

Inside the space there are a plethora of seating options, such as round + square wooden tables, benches, stools, and chairs, all created by Jon + Sarah Bucklew’s furniture company, Seventeen20.


Ato at The Joinery | Photo by @thelaltoday

From specially designed murals and meals with themed names to uniquely placed tiles and an abundance of greenery, each vendor has brought their own unique character into the space.


The back patio at The Joinery | Photo by @thelaltoday


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– LALtoday team (Jessica + Kaylee)