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Famous Lakelanders You Know

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Lakeland, Florida | Photo by Catapult Lakeland

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We might not think we are a part of the fame and fortune of television and Hollywood today, but in reality, we couldn’t be more wrong. Famous athletes, Olympians, actors, and even supermodels had to have their roots somewhere - who would have thought it would have been in the Lakeland area?

Ray Lewis

The NFL Great himself was a Lakeland native who graduated from Kathleen High School. An infamous Baltimore Raven, he was named MVP of the team’s Super Bowl victory in 2001.

Lindsey Alley

A famous Mouseketeer and actress, Lindsey graduated from Lakeland High School in 1996. Other shows you might have seen her in: Ernest Saves Christmas, Bedtime Stories, How I Met Your Mother, and On the Patio.

Rhea Durham

Rhea spiked to fame as a model for Victoria’s Secret. You may recognize her from their ads or even storefront images. She’s also married to Mark Wahlberg. You go girl! She was discovered in a model search at the Lakeland Square Mall.

Bob Murphy

This pro-golfer has won five PGA titles! Sounds like quite a few rounds of golf. He graduated from Mulberry High School.

Lee Janzen

Lee has won two U.S. Opens since stepping out on the green. This is no longer a game of put-put.

Ken Brokenburr

It takes time, training, and dedication to make it to the Olympics in your sport. Ken ran out of Winter Haven and onto the track for the U.S. team in 2000 and is also a medalist.

Brooke Bennett

The U.S. Olympic swimmer came out of Winter Haven to swim in the 1996 Olympics, and even received a gold medal. She also participated in the 2000 Olympics in Australia and medaled there, as well.

Rowdy Gaines

Three-time Olympic gold medalists Rowdy Gaines is from Winter Haven. He’s also a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame and the U.S. Olympics Hall of Fame.

Tracy McGrady

Dunking hoops from Orlando to San Antonio, Tracy first started on the court in Auburndale.

Matt Joyce and Gus Schlosser

Both former Florida Southern Mocs, these pro baseball players will be on their team’s starting line up this season. Look for Matt at a Ray’s home game down in St. Pete.

Chris Sale

This Yankee lead pitcher is a Lakeland native, as well. He graduated from Lakeland High School and was a first round draft pick.

Joe Nemechek

For all you NASCAR Fans, good ol’ Joe is a constant on the racing circuit and also a Lakeland native.

There’s more out there! Who else can you think of? List them below. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and share who else is a Lakeland Star!

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